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Monthly Recommendations – May


It’s time for another recommendations post! Look at that, I said it would be monthly, and I have been able to keep that promise. High five everybody!! :: holds hand in the air :: Anybody? Anybody at all?!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this months recs! I like doing these because I can share what made me happy whether its books, shows, movies,etc. These were things that really stood out for me this month so let’s get started. If you want you can check out April Recommendations for more ideas.

Giant Days by John Allison (Illustrations: Whitney Cogar, Max Sarin, Lissa Treiman)

What initially caught my attention for the first volume was the cover. The art reminded me of myself actually when I was a bit younger. Honestly, my fashion sense or lack there of hasn’t changed much either. Who knew that just by loving the cover illustration I would end up loving the story as well. You follow Susan, Esther and Daisy as they go through the ups and downs of being away at school. I laughed quite a few times, and these are much lighter reads than some of the other Graphic Novels I have read recently. I think if you’re looking for something fun, this is it!

Mr.Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore By Robin Sloan


I did a review for Mr.Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore recently, so you can check it out for more details on how lovely I thought this book was because it is quite lovely. If you are looking for something fast paced, this isn’t it, but if you need something with a detailed story, and really great characters then this is for you. Plus an adventure involving books? What more could a book nerd ask for?



Okay and here’s a surprising one. I know there are many people out there who love KDramas and KPop, and no judgements here, I have just never been one of those people. When I was trying to find something entertaining for me to watch the other night, Dramaworld popped up and I did one of those awkward shrugs and said “Why not?” and that was the beginning of my love story with Dramaworld. IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!! It’s K-Drama with an American twist. It is basically and alternate Universe, where these K-Dramas seem like real life? Or at least the “actors” think it is there real life. If I try to explain I will end up spoiling it, so GO WATCH!! The episodes are super short and wonderful! Go do it! It is on Netflix worldwide!!

Hamilton Soundtrack


Let’s start from the beginning here…EVERYONE kept talking about Hamilton. Hamilton this, and Hamilton that. I sat there like:


I was utterly confused by the sudden popularity of a Broadway show. I kept thinking to myself “Stay away Joana, you don’t need something else to fangirl over” …”It’s Just a broadway show, what’s the big deal?” …”Ho, Don’t do it!” But I did. I sat down and went on Spotify and found the soundtrack. I knew the show was about the life of Alexander Hamilton, and thought “Honestly, what could be so interesting about this?” Then I hit play. Whatever I thought I was about to hear, it wasn’t that. Suddenly I am walking around the house singing “My name is Alexander Hamilton!” and looking at my cat saying “Pardon me, Are you Aaron Burr,Sir?” I am obsessed. This entire idea and show is genius. The more interviews and such with Lin-Manuel Miranda I saw, the more I got sucked into the whole thing. I actually bought the Alexander Hamilton biography because there is just so much I NEVER knew about him. I have fallen down the rabbit hole. So maybe I was confused before, but now I’m like:


So those are the few recommendations I have for you this month! If you have not read, seen, or heard any of it…go do it now!! Till next time!!


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Monthly Recommendations – April


I decided I would start a monthly Recommendation post. I post a lot of reviews and such, but this would be a good place to come if you’re looking for something new to check out, and you’re just not sure what you should check out next. I will probably keep it to books mostly, but I think I will also sprinkle a movie, show or music or some combination of those as well.

So let’s get to it.

Amulet Series by Kazu Kibuishi


I recently read the first two in this series, and fell instantly in love with the story. The Amulet series is a series of children’s graphic novels. It is considered middle grade to be exact. The themes are a bit dark, so if you’re wondering if this would be good for your own children, I would recommend reading it first yourself, as only you can truly say what your child can and cannot handle. I did really love the way this story is written though.

While the themes have a certain darkness to them, I also think it packs a moral punch, just like Harry Potter. Kabuishi_Harry_Potter_and_the_Sorcerer's_Stone_CoverSpeaking of which, if the art style looks familiar to you Potterheads, that’s because Kazu Kibuishi designed the new covers for the special editions of the Harry Potter books that were released for the 15th Anniversary of the series. The art style is really gorgeous, and the reason I discovered his own series, was through my love of Harry Potter. The imagination behind the story in the Amulet series will have you hooked. You do not need to be a child to read it, just like you don’t need to be a child to enjoy HP.



Shattered Sea Series by Joe Abercrombie


The Shattered Sea Series starts with the novel Half a King. I have already spoken quite highly of it on a number of occasions, but feel that this is a great recommendation for those of you who might be going through Game of Thrones withdrawals, and I mean the books, not the tv show. George R.R.Martin himself has a blurb on the books. Personally it has a similar feel to Game of Thrones, but it is more fast paced, and a lot less jumping around from point of view to point of view. I highly recommend you check this series out.

Lost Ocean Coloring Book by Johanna Basford


I realize that the adult coloring books have become a trend, but I really adore them. This one in particular is quite beautiful. For me, when I am having a really bad time with my anxiety, a nice cup of tea, an audio book, and a coloring book can help me wind down a bit. It’s not miracle work of course, but it helps me focus my energy a bit, and I really love the artwork in this one. If you haven’t given the adult coloring a try, this would be a nice one to check out.

Man Up


Little known fact about me: I LOVE SIMON PEGG. I think he’s the biggest geek to ever geek. I recently watched this movie when I wanted something more light hearted to watch, and I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would. It’s worlds away from Shaun of the Dead, but I loved it still. Yes, it is a romantic comedy, so if you’re looking for something to watch on date night, this might be a cute one to check out.

Stranded by Gojira


Stranded is the brand new single from French metal band Gojira. It is the first song of their new album Magma that will be released in June. I have been waiting for a new release from this band for a while now, and I have to say I really love the new tune. Some may not feel the same, but I have learned a long time ago, that I can’t listen to the opinions of some of the hardcore metalheads because any slight melody and they feel the song isn’t heavy enough. I personally love Stranded, and it has me really excited for the new album.

Those are my recommendations for the month of April. Come back next month for a new list of recs from me.