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One More Light – RIP Chester Bennington

It’s a strange feeling to hear that another musician has taken his own life. Stranger still because for my generation Linkin Park helped so many of us through so many rough patches in our own lives. Hearing about Chester Bennington’s … Continue reading

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The Mourning Song

This is a fictional essay inspired by current events. If you are concerned about my mental state, I promise I am doing well. Inspiration strikes in weird ways, and I felt I needed to write this. TRIGGER WARNING: This essay … Continue reading

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Metal Monday -Not All Press, is Good Press

Mic check…One, Two… Are you all paying attention now? Good! I don’t post as much as I would like on Metal Mondays, and this particular topic I debated whether or not I wanted to post it at all. I already … Continue reading

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Coffee & Rant – Stop Being a Snob

On this installment of my coffee & rant posts, I talk about snobs. You know who I am talking about. The people who think their choices in what they eat, drink, read, and listen to, areĀ better than your choices. You … Continue reading

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Music Monday – Book Soundtrack

Well well well, look what we have here…it’s another Book Soundtrack! I missed last weeks Music Monday, but here I am again. This time with a different book and three different songs that remind me of the book, or that … Continue reading

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Music Monday-Book Soundtrack

I am making this my new theme, I thought about using the “Metal Monday” slogan as the theme, but quickly realized that I wouldn’t always have a metal song to go with a book. While I love metal music, and … Continue reading

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Metal Monday – In Amerika Rammstein DVD

METAL MONDAY!!! I need to do these more often, but I am pretty deeply consumed by books haha But on this glorious Metal Monday, I have decided to write about Rammstein’s DVD In Amerika. Rammstein is still the greatest live … Continue reading

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