Going Home #1


For the first time since I was four years old, I am going to live in Portugal!

I am jumping ahead here, so let me explain.

As many of you know I was born in Portugal, raised in New Jersey, and currently live in Germany. I have spent most of my life as an immigrant. I don’t really know any other life. My memories of when I was four or younger are little blasts of images and not much else.

My boyfriend and I have made the very clear and important decision to move to Portugal. Many things have made us head in this direction, the most important one being that my boyfriend’s job takes him on the road a lot, and being essentially alone here has made my mental health take a dive. So the move will have my family (whom we have a better relationship with) much closer. Not to mention that over the past few years here, Germany has become a less pleasant place to be. I am not getting into that here though.

Moving to Portugal

We were going to wait till next year, but then I realized how annoying it was going to be to find a place to live with only having the internet to search. My parents are lovely enough to let us store all of our crap in their garage and storage areas, we will live with them for a few months, and start a good search for our own place. It will be nice to just visit different apartments and homes, instead of looking at photographs. This also made us realize we no longer had to wait till next year. SO ONWARD and FORWARD!!

I thought this would be a good series to start on my blog, and I am going to be making videos as well for my youtube channel where you can follow my adventures as I head back to Portugal.

Packing and Leaving

Currently, we are in the midst of packing and getting rid of furniture to make the move easier. I am looking forward to getting out of this country. I am a freelancer and have a good workload, so a job isn’t a concern for me. I just can’t wait to be in the city I was born in, surrounded by my loving and supportive family.

What are some things you’d like me to cover in this series? What would you like to see in my videos then? Comment down below and let me know!

Stay tuned for more blog posts in this series!



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