Life Update


Maybe you have noticed that I haven’t updated this blog on a regular basis. Well, there are a few reasons for that.

The main one being that I’ve had some struggles with my anxiety recently, and so I did the best I could to keep myself calm.

Two, my internet has been running like shit. My computer itself couldn’t seem to stay connected no matter what, and I officially hate PCs now. I need one for work, but HOLY SHIT do I miss my MacBook.

Three, I am working on better content. I am looking to move this blog to a different server, and also to get back on the youtube game, but don’t expect me to lock into only doing booktube. There are way too many things I want to cover and talk about to solely focus on books.

Back on Tour

My boyfriend is officially back on the road now, and I have been home alone A LOT. I have weird conversations with my cat, and every so often my friends come by to chat and drink. I was having a hard time adjusting because I hate where we live. This town is filled with weird ass German racists, and I am so fucking tired of being here. Every time I go to the grocery store there’s some German Housewife throwing some kind of fit. Most recently it was because some lady was buying coffee and it rang up at 20 cents more expensive. She was OBNOXIOUS about it. To the point where I wanted to hand her 20 cents just so she’d shut the fuck up. I keep running into these types of people. Generally rude and unkind for no reason.


To clarify, I am happy that my bf is out doing the job he loves. It’s just time for a change of scenery for us cuz this town–this country really isn’t making either one of us happy. More on that in another blog.

Book Reviews

I will be posting some book reviews in the coming weeks. I’ve read quite a lot in the past few months and I need to get back to writing about it. I always feel weird about reviewing books because I don’t really want to tear anyone’s work apart. Writing a book is tough work, but I want to spread the love I have for books. I may not share so many negative reviews except for maybe War & Peace because FUCK THAT BOOK!

Anyway, I had to take care of myself and I plan to get things back on track. I am working on a new logo and look for the blog as well, so keep an eye out for that 🙂

Changes are coming!!

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  1. Oh no didn’t you just buy your house?


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