February 2018 Reading Wrap Up


I told myself that after reading a crazy amount of books last month that I would slow it down in February. Well, I am here to tell you that I am a big fat liar. It wasn’t exactly intentional. I had some rough days where reading was all I could do, and some nights where insomnia decided to visit me again and so I read and read and read. I want to say March will be a little slower on the reading front because other aspects of my life are getting quite busy, but who the hell knows?

If you want to know my ratings this month please follow me on GoodReads.


Breakdown of what I read in February 2018:

22 books in total = 7,566 Pages read

6 – Fantasy

6 – Science Fiction

6- Contemporary

0 – Comics

2 – Non-Fiction

1 – Classic

1 – Thriller

The Books:




Knight’s Shadow

American Panda

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The Extinction Trials


Least Faves:

The Magician’s Nephew

You Do You

The Colour of Magic


Before I Let Go

The books that aren’t listed are ones that I enjoyed A LOT but I definitely had favorites this month, and obviously one book I absolutely HATED.

Again please check out my Goodreads for ratings and feelings. If I hadn’t read so many books I could give you a break down of each but this post would be massive if I did that for 22 books.

I will say that I have been reading some really great things with just a few sprinkles of crap thrown in between.

When you read so many books though not everything is going to be a masterpiece. Sometimes it’s not even bad writing, it’s convoluted storytelling, confusing plots, or horrible mental illness representation that will set my ratings much lower.

My favorites may be books that you dislike, and books that I dislike may be your favorites. It’s how it works. No need to get defensive if I disliked something you love.

Let’s see what March brings me. Will I finally finish War and Peace? (Spoiler alert…PROBABLY NOT)

Peace and Love!


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