10 Disappointing Books of 2017

Disappointing Books

I read about 72 books this year, some were amazing, a couple were awful, and some were just plain disappointing. So let’s just jump right into the ten most disappointing books of 2017. These books weren’t all released in 2017, I just read them all this year. No disclaimer going in here. We are all adults, deal with people having different opinions than your own.

The Fate of the Tearling

FateoftheTearlingThis trilogy started off so strong. I fell instantly in love with it. I was really excited about the conclusion. Then I finished the book and yelled a chain of curse words I would rather not repeat here. It was the laziest ending and cop out I have ever experienced in a series. It’s like the writer made her own story so convoluted that she had no idea where and how to end it. I HATED this book, and it ruined the entire trilogy for me.





Everything Everything

everything everythingLet’s make it understood that I did not hate this book, but the hype around it made it seem like the best contemporary novel out there. It was a quick read, but it was incredibly predictable, and that is basically what made it so disappointing. I think before I even hit the halfway mark on the book, I knew how it was going to end. What’s the fun in that?






The Sun is Also a Star

Yoon_9780553496680_jkt_all_r1.inddThere’s a chance here that I am not a huge fan of Nicola Yoon’s Writing. I am not always a lover of contemporaries, but when they’re done right, I get into them. For me, there is nothing extraordinary about her stories. This one once again was an instant love story, but it was also predictable. That is where Yoon seems to lose me.







The Iron Trial

The Iron TrialAll I am going to say about this book is that I should have known better than to read a book from well-known hack and copycat Cassandra Clare. I mean how many ways can she rip other writers off? Let’s find out in the future.

This was a poor man’s, Harry Potter. No escaping that comparison.







You Are A Badass

15843166I was looking for a book to get me into the fighting spirit. To get me motivated and get me out of the significant funk that 2017 put me in. At first, I felt this book was it, then I realized she just kept repeating herself over and over. Then she talked about how to deal with depression and said that “acting like someone without depression” was the cure. Girl, Shut up.







snotgirlThis wasn’t just disappointing, it was annoying as hell. The main character is an idiot and vapid as fuck. I spent the entire time reading it, thinking “What the fuck are you saying and doing?” I have a feeling that maybe that’s the idea behind the story, but she was just too irritating for me to deal with.







Into the Water

into the waterI loved The Girl on the Train. When I realized that there was a new book coming from the same author I was excited. The excitement lasted through the first chapter because then I was bored out of my mind. Seriously, NOTHING HAPPENS for pages and pages. If you’re going to give me a mystery or a thriller, then let there be some mystery and some thrill.





A Wrinkle in Time

a wrinkle in timeWell, say hello to another convoluted mess of a book. This had all that flowery writing and the annoying feeling that you are meant to be confused for the entire story. I was just bored. This has become really hyped because there’s a movie going to be released in 2018, but even with that fantastic cast, this book bored me, and I am not sure the movie will save the story. Who knows though?






A Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

forest of a thousand lanternsThe hype for this book was STRONG. I actually received an ARC from the publisher. Was pretty excited to read it, but then the story fell flat on its face for me. I thought with a story about the evil queen that there would be more action. Maybe in the sequel, we will see more happening, but this was boring to me.








nevernightYUP! and honestly it’s possibly the most disappointing read of all. I follow the author on twitter, and I think he’s great! By the synopsis alone I should have loved this story, but we spend 100 or more pages where nothing happens, and then you have world building happening in really obnoxious footnotes. I started to skip a lot of the notes. Dude I don’t want to feel like I am reading a textbook. I might still continue on because I liked the main character, but I am still not sure.





I think the hype around a lot of these books is what ends up killing the story for me. People always make them seem like so much more than what they turn out to be, and I miss the days of just being clueless of the hype, and just picking up a book and reading it because it seems cool TO ME. Oh Well. Here’s to better reading in 2018!


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