Booktube: Do I Give It Another Go?


More than a year ago I tried to join Booktube. What is book tube? It is basically the world of books on YouTube. People have created a large community where everyone comes together to talk about the books they love. I caught onto this community around 2014, and I have loved watching the videos ever since. I gave it a shot myself but quickly lost motivation.

Yesterday I deleted all the videos I had previously recorded, and am now looking into starting it back up. Essentially though I don’t want to JUST focus on books. Mainly because many of the bigger Booktubers all seem to create the same videos. It’s not really a bad thing, but it makes one feel if they’re not making the same content, no one will subscribe. I personally can’t do massive book hauls every month, and really that’s okay.

I just need to find how my creativity and my love for not just books but for music and geek culture can fit in this youtube world. I want to make videos that matter and can entertain. SO it may not be right away, but I am making strides to head back on YouTube. Stay tuned.

Are you in the BookTube community? How has it been for you? Are you considering it? Tell me your thoughts!


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One Response to Booktube: Do I Give It Another Go?

  1. HowlinBooks says:

    I started booktubing earlier this year and quickly lost motivation same as you. I recently started up again as well. My problem is I hate TBR’s and I get tongue-tied trying to think of something to say about what I’ve read…. I find scripting helps. Good luck starting up again! Videos with books, music and geek culture sound fun!


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