J.K.Rowling Doesn’t Owe You SHIT

You’re thinking, “ANOTHER Harry Potter Post?” Yes and if you don’t like it you are free to read something else entirely. Since you clicked on the link though you might as well stay for the long haul. I always feel the need to state this though, don’t bother trying to comment with hateful words, because I moderate the comment section, and they won’t appear anywhere. I also won’t bother to respond. JKRowlingThese are my opinions, if you want to share your own, start your own blog. It’s been a couple of days since I finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I have my review up and I said what I needed to say. Or so I thought.

Then suddenly, people started bitching left and right about The Cursed Child scriptbook, and it started to leave a sour taste in my mouth. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and feelings, but it is when those opinions and feelings start to show your sense of entitlement that I start having some serious issues with what you have to say. To put it mildly, J.K. Rowling doesn’t OWE YOU A FUCKING THING. I know some of you are going to really hate how I say these things, but this is aimed at all of those people tearing into Cursed Child, being rude, condescending assholes about it and towards people who actually love it, and so deal with my opinions about how I see all of you as well. If you feel angry, maybe that’s your conscious talking.

ALSO: Please Note there ARE spoilers ahead, read at your own risk.

“This is only a SCRIPT!”

Yes. Yes it is. For months, it has been promoted as a script, Rowling herself said more than once on social media that it is a SCRIPT and not a novel, and the word SCRIPT is on the cover. Yet somehow your dumbass brought that book home and still decided to go “Huh? This is only a script?!” I’ve heard of captain obvious but I guess you’re captain oblivious. What the hell did you think you were going to get when the book itself is only 330 pages and the word SCRIPT is on the cover??!!! Open your damn eyes at least. It seems a little unsafe to be out in the world with your eyes closed. Watch your step.


Rowling Owes Us a Book

You know who’s saying this a lot? The youths. I know I am not old, but I am older than a lot of people who are a part of this online book community, and the ones most upset by this play, or script are the youngins. Especially the overly entitled ones who have never heard the word “NO!” a day in their lives. Your entitlement is showing, and you need to turn that shit down 20 notches. Rowling doesn’t owe you anything. You made the very conscious decision to buy this book, it is NO ONE’s fault that ONE: You really thought you were getting a novel, TWO: you have NO idea how to read a script, and THREE: If You do know how to read a script and don’t like it, she STILL doesn’t owe you shit. That is not the way the world works.

Harry Potter doesn’t seem like Harry Potter in this!

This is another thing I am picking up from a lot of the younger crowd, and I can excuse this one a bit because in my opinion they’re either still teenagers and haven’t been handed a sucker punch to the gut of life, or they are in their early twenties and are still too close to their teens to realize, you change as you grow up. As a teen and well into my early twenties I was shy, extremely quiet, and overly nice to absolutely everyone. At 30, I am still not the most talkative person on the planet, but I learned that being overly nice is an open door for people to stomp all over you. So I am way more careful about who I allow in, and I have also built a stronger backbone. You will think twice before being an asshole to me, because honestly I’ve gotten really good at taking no one’s shit. Also as a teen I went through some rough moments, and those moments also molded my life into what it is. That is a hard fact, life changes you. This script has made Harry so real to me. I knew he had to be struggling with life as an adult. Also when you’ve had a father figure for maybe a day, you probably have some trouble trying to figure out parenting, especially when your child sort of resents you and all of your fame and glory. You have literally set up your kid for failure by saving the world. How shitty must that feel? And maybe you’re thinking “He only seems to have trouble with Albus, not the other kids.” Well kids are different. My brother and I may have similar personalities but we deal with certain things differently. I know siblings who barely get along or even see each other because they’re complete opposites. Two kids from the same parents will not always come out the same in the personality and the how to deal with life departments. It is pure fact, and if you have siblings, you know that. But back to the main point, YES Harry is different, but you will be too in your mid thirties, just wait for it.

This is too far-fetched


This one deserves to be started off with a major fucking eye-roll. SERIOUSLY?! THIS is far-fetched. The completely secret magical world is cool with you, but this is too much?  Where the hell do we draw the line in our imaginations anyway? confused

In a world where there’s a secret shopping street for wizards in the center of London, where children are just allowed to fly around on brooms and play a dangerous sport, where a troll gets taken out by three 11 year olds, where a ghost is called Moaning Myrtle, and where there’s a MASSIVE FUCKING CASTLE that no one but wizards can see, you’re having a hard time grasping the fact that the little trolley witch is the one who keeps the kids onboard the Hogwarts Express? I mean didn’t you ever wonder who took care and watched all of those kids onboard the train? The only time there was an adult onboard was with Lupin. The rest of the time everyone seemed pretty unsupervised. All the prefects in the world aren’t going to stop kids from being kids. So there had to be some sort of safeguard in place. You can’t believe that Voldemort has a wicked daughter out in the world?  I highly doubt he got it on with Bellatrix, pretty sure this was done in some other way, and it would also explain her unrelenting OBSESSION with him, because if you never noticed, she didn’t just follow him, she LOVED little ol Tom Riddle. I think we received a more in depth look into why.

You need a dose of Imagination

I am going to tie this off nicely with a very quick tip. You NEED a vivid imagination to read this. It is a script so details aren’t going to be there. You need to try to picture a lot of things even more than when reading a regular novel. Scripts are brought to life by the actors and the stage set. There were some aspects of the script where I needed to stop and think about it. For instance, the time traveling seems to have changed drastically from when Hermione used a time turner, but in the story we are more than two decades past that, and this particular time turner isn’t like the Ministry assigned ones that Hermione used, so maybe the magic involved and technicalities are different. This seems more Doctor Who inspired and filled with paradoxes and fucked up alternate timelines. I can dig it. Also, the polyjuice potion that seemed to be brewed in a day? I have come to two separate conclusions on this: ONE is that it was already brewed and they just added the essence of whomever they were turning into or TWO, Potion brewing has made some strides and this can be brewed much quicker. It is not hard to grasp people, I mean you can fit an entire computer into your damn pocket or wear it around your wrist. Imagination will take you far!! That’s just fact. If this seems lackluster to you, then you just may need a dose of imagination. Too bad that doesn’t come bottled then huh?





7 thoughts on “J.K.Rowling Doesn’t Owe You SHIT”

    1. I wasn’t aiming it at every young fan, but the majority of the hate I have seen is coming from the 16-24 crowd. I think they are just emotionally very disconnected from this story, and I can understand that, but the ones being rude about it can shove it. lol


      1. That’s true. Most of the people in my classes at school have said nothing but negative things about this book which does bother me but there’s not much that can be done


  1. This is great! I actually grew up reading the Harry Potter books as they came out. I still love them and I actually started the series over again when I knew the script was coming out to refresh myself since it had been so long since I read them. I do have to correct you on something though, please don’t take it the wrong way, but there was another time when there was an adult on the train, Slughorn in the 6th book. Again, no disrespect, because I always assumed that it was the Trolley Witch that instructed the prefects in the front and she was the one mainly in charge of the students during the train rides.


    1. Yea I realized afterwards that Slughorn was also on the train but was too lazy to edit lol maybe people can just read the comments hahaha still I always knew there had to be some sort of safe guard in place. As a teen, most of my friends would have tried to hop off that train at some point.


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