Gwensday – Spider Gwen Appreciation


I want to talk about my new geek obsession. It came about slowly. I had heard about Spider Gwen more than once in the past year or so. I added the comic to my TBR list( To Be Read list) but just never got around to it. Recently I have been a bit unfocused and needed some entertaining reading, and ENTER Spider-Gwen. I read it, I loved it, and I AM HERE FOR IT!!!


If you aren’t a comic nerd (which is okay, because I have only truly become one in recent years) you are still very much aware of who Peter Parker and Spider-Man is. He’s been everywhere, and loved by both men and women all over the world. His popularity has sparked countless animated series, comics, and movies. Gwen Stacy has always been a supporting character in the Spider man universe…UNTIL NOW. In the Spider Gwen series, it is an alternate Earth where Gwen gets bit by the radioactive spider, and gains the spidey senses and powers. This all started in the comic Edge of Spider Verse #2 but Spider Gwen’s popularity became so large and the demand so big that she now has her own ongoing series. I read the volume that contains that first introduction and then the first five of her own series and I LOVED IT. (review coming soon)


This one designed by Babs Tarr

I think the reason I became so interested in Spider Gwen is that as a kid I would have loved her! Truly and wholeheartedly loved her. But growing up I was given the notion that super heroes were for boys. It has essentially been a massive sausage fest for decades, but things are changing. We need more female representation because it’s empowering and wonderful to see that. I want my niece to grow up and see herself in these characters and not be told that heroes are for boys. It’s disheartening to be told that when you genuinely enjoy the stories and characters. Women have been loving geek culture and comics for years and years, and it’s about damn time we get more female super heroes!!! We deserve them! As for my obsession with Spider-Gwen I went looking for cool things that are being released, and found way too many. I also want to point out that I love her color scheme in all it’s eye catching glory. I want ALL THE THINGS, but you know, adult responsibilities and such. haha But here are a few of the things that I have fallen in love with:

I would rock this all day every day!!! Well maybe not everyday, it will need a wash.

The Funko Pop will certainly be mine, the plush will probably be harder to find.

These are the priciest items, but Christmas is coming after all!!


I will definitely be continuing with the series, and here’s hoping that her popularity continues to grow because I want a tv show or movie!! Let’s do this!!!

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