April 2016 Reading Wrap Up


April was a weird reading month for me. I had too much going on to be able to read tons of full novels. I turned to graphic novels a bit this month to fill in those gaps. I don’t care about numbers, I do care about throwing myself into fictional worlds, and graphic novels are easy and wonderful reads when things are too crazy. I won’t go into super details about the ratings for each right now. I am still trying to catch up with all the reviews I am missing. Eventually guys, I will have this shit together. Today is not that day. Here we go! This is my April Reading Wrap Up!

The Conspiracy of Us


I received this book about a month ago, and it took me a while to finally pick it up and read it. The premise just seemed so far fetched. This was being promoted as The Da Vinci Code for Young Adults, which sounded cheesy. Well I finally read it, and finished it in the beginning of April. I was right, it was completely far fetched, and cheesy, but somehow I flew through it. It had enough suspense and mystery to keep me hooked. I didn’t love it, but I certainly didn’t hate it.

Rating: ratethree

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Do I really need to go into this? It’s one of the most heart breaking installments of the series, and one of my favorites. Sigh…Dumbledore.


Deathnote Vol.1


Deathnote was the first anime I ever watched. I really loved the story behind it so decided to read the manga. It was pretty good! I think I will continue onto the next volumes when I get a chance. I think this is a good “entry level” manga.


Gotham Academy Issues #14&15

I have been trying to catch up with Gotham Academy. This series is definitely aimed at a younger crowd, but I find it really entertaining. These issues were especially cool because the had different artists illustrate these memory scenes from the characters. The art is drastically different with each memory. I loved it!


Paper Girls Vol.1


My initial reaction to this was a bit of confusion. The story itself is unique, and I read it quickly, but I didn’t really connect with it and thinking back now it wasn’t really all that memorable. I think I have to lower my original rating of 4…

Rating: ratethree

Half the World 25744617

If you have been paying attention to my posts or tweets then you know I love this series!!! Half the world introduced one of the best female characters I have read in quite some time!! Check it out if you can!


Rating: ratefive

Amulet Vol.1 & 2

I finally checked out the first volume of the Amulet Graphic novel series, and WOW! I love it so much. The imagination behind it is wonderful, and I immediately jumped into the second volume. I will be jumping into the other volumes as soon as possible! Highly Recommend!

Rating: ratefive

Adulthood is a Myth


I love Sarah Andersen’s illustrations so much!! I sometimes wonder if she’s living in my mind. They always make me laugh, but also I connect with a lot of them. Being an anxious and awkward human being, it’s nice to know I am not alone.

Rating: ratefive

Birthright Vol.1


I told you I read too many graphic novels this month! This was a great one as well. It has an epic fantasy storyline, and the art is pretty cool! I think if you’re a fantasy fan, but have never really gotten into graphic novels, that this might be a good place to start.

Rating: ratefour

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


I still cry when Dobby dies. I love the ending to this series, and it’s always sad when I get there. I just love learning more about Snape, and come on, its Harry Potter!!! I love it!

Rating: ratefive

So that’s what I read this month! I also started My Brilliant Friend and Half a War! Should finish those early in May!! What did you read this month? What would you recommend?

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2 Responses to April 2016 Reading Wrap Up

  1. Kristin says:

    I just ordered Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series! I’ve had two very reliable sources recommend it to me so I felt it was time to check it out! I also had similar feelings on The Conspiracy of Us.


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