Unbuilt by Randy Blythe and Alex Skolnick


Photo from Unbuilt site

Unbuilt is a project that has come together with the ideas and the work of Tom Bejgrowicz, Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), and Alex Skolnick (Testament). When looking through all the metal news blogs –Honestly skip the comments section, it’s like daycare for mindless assholes– You find that the big news here is that this will not be a digital undertaking, but it will be available in physical printed copies. This seems to be shocking for some, but for me, a physical book buying hoarder, I think it’s brilliant.

Unbuilt is a magazine that will be independently published and ad free. It will come to us on a biannual basis, and the focus of the publication will be culture and lifestyle. It will be limited to 1,250 copies worldwide, and if you somehow needed an extra push to lay down the $9.00 (not including shipping) $1.00 of each magazine sold will be split and donated to the Humane Society International and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

You can find more news on the Unbuilt site.

I think it will be interesting to see what each issue of Unbuilt will show us. I think people in the metal community are dismissing it simply because it is not digital, but being a part of the book community online, I find that many people, especially ones who are lovers of word and culture tend to like the old school path. While I am one that sort of has a mishmash of digital and physical copies of both books and music, the over 600 books on my shelves would tell you that I indeed love being able to hold what I am reading, and I will certainly contemplate getting a copy(depending on shipping costs to Germany)

Whether or not this will be a long term project or not, I wish them all the best. I for one am intrigued as I follow Randy Blythe on Instagram and have seen his beautiful photographs, and even agreed with some of his book recommendations he’s done on there. Bookworms unite!!

Unbuilt will ship out worldwide April 26th so get your copy while the supply lasts!

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