Game of Thrones – A Song of Spoilers and Impatience


Game of Thrones is finally back on TV, and everyone is excited, everyone except maybe the people who refuse to watch the show and are fans of the books. I love the books in A Song of Ice and Fire, but I also really love the tv show. I am able to separate them in my mind. Many fans of the books may be angry about the fact that the show is now moved past the books, and if we are all going to be honest, there’s no way the books will catch up to the Game of Thrones tv show.

Am I afraid of the show spoiling the next book for me? Nah. The show has deviated quite a bit from the books, and while I am sure some things will be the same, George R.R. Martin’s gift of story telling will keep me interested, but I cannot speak for anyone else. MANY fans are pretty mad about the fact that now the tables have turned, and the fans of the show now hold the power to spoil the books and not the other way around.


George R.R. Martin actually apologized to the fans of the books that Winds of Winter would not be out before season 6 of the show, in fact don’t expect the book this year either. I know I am not expecting it. My impatience has turned into a bit of apathy. I am at the point where I think “The book will be released, when it is released.” There’s nothing else that can be done. I do think the people who keep putting pressure on the writer to just finish up are a bunch of assholes. A bunch of assholes who have no idea what it takes to write a book. Especially one as intricately woven like the books in A Song of Ice and Fire.

When someone complains about waiting a year for the next book in a different series, my eyes glaze over and I think “Oh you sweet summer child.” We have been waiting for YEARS!(plural)

Sure George is testing my patience, but he’s not the only one. Patrick Rothfuss the writer of The King Killer Chronicles is testing it as well. Then I think about how wonderful their stories are, and how you can’t rush greatness. So All of you book lovers just take a seat and chill out. We are in this for the long haul whether we care to admit it or not.

What do we say when someone asks “When will the next book be released?”

“Not today.”



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