Intimidating TBR Pile Tag


I did’t actually get tagged to do this, but I thought it would be fun to write out anyway. So for anyone new to the game, TBR stands for To Be Read. So essentially I am just answering questions about the books I have been meaning to read and are starting to stack up. Here we go!!

01. What book have you been unable to finish?

I recently bought Arcadia by Iain Pears on a trip to the bookstore, and I got about 100 pages in, when I suddenly became really distracted by other books. The premise is really interesting but the beginning is somewhat slow and then I made the mistake of opening a different book. OOPS.

What book have you yet to read because…


02. …you just haven’t had the time?

Cinder. Not because Cinder itself is too long, but I want to read the entire series and that’s four books, and the last one Winter is a pretty massive one. I keep putting it off because currently I just don’t have the time or patience to put into an entire series like that.


03. …it’s a sequel?

Lair of Dreams!! I know!! SHAME,SHAME,SHAME!!! I loved the Diviners so much, but Lair of Dreams is a huge book, and at this point there are some details of the first book that are a bit of a blur. I started listening to it on audio though so I can crack open Lair of Dreams soon.


04. …it’s brand new?

I received a digital ARC of The Crown’s Game, which I was really looking forward to but it’s another one that has fallen to the side here because I get distracted by other stories and life. I will get to it soon though since it is an ARC.


05. …you read a book by the same author and didn’t enjoy it?

Queen of Shadows and before you jump down my throat about it, let me explain. I liked Throne of Glass, I loved Crown of Midnight, but I HATED Heir of Fire. It was a filler, filled with extremely dull nonsense. The ending didn’t save it either, and while I am intrigued enough that I want to know what happens next, I also don’t know if I will enjoy it after disliking the third book so much.


06. …you’re just not in the mood for it?

Bookishly Ever After. And I may never be in the mood for it. I have tried to read this book 4 times now, but the voice is so juvenile that I just cannot connect with it, or deal with it. Maybe if I am ever in a regressed teenage mood, I will try again.


07. …it’s humongous?

I would say maybe Night Film even though that’s not HUGE, but still fairly big and maybe Book One of Cardcaptor Sakura which is DUMB on my part because it’s manga and I could probably get through it so quickly, but I never seem to just sit down and DO IT!


08. …because it was a cover buy that turned out to have poor reviews?

The last time I visited the states, I went to barnes and noble and found the Book Winterkill, which had a cool cover. Then when I got back home to Germany, I realized it didn’t really have amazing reviews. I don’t normally care because I like to form my own opinions about things, but for some reason I placed this one on the shelf and it has been there ever since. Maybe I will get to it since It isn’t that big of a book.


09. What is the most intimidating book in your TBR pile?

Well that would be War and Peace. I told myself I would read more classics, but this one is huge, and the paper is practically bible thin. It scares me. If I ever finish it, I might actually pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate.


10. Who do you tag?

Anyone and everyone who would like to give this a shot. Intimidating

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2 Responses to Intimidating TBR Pile Tag

  1. bevchen says:

    War of Peace is definitely an intimidating book on my TBR pile! Along with The Pillars of the Earth, which I know is supposed to be good but it’s so LONG!!


    • Right I also have pillars of the earth. And a couple of other books from the same author. They’re just so damn big. And I’ve read huge books before but I just have to be in the right state of mind for it


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