Half the World – Book Review







The Shattered Sea trilogy by Joe Abercrombie has taken me by surprise. Half the World is the second book in the series, so you will want to check out Half a King first. I will keep this review spoiler free, but you still might want to check out the first book before heading into this review.

Half the World Summary:

Thorn Bathu was born to fight. But when she kills a boy in the training square she finds herself named a murderer.

Fate places her life in the hands of the deep-cunning Father Yarvi as he sets out to cross half the world in search of allies against the ruthless High King. Beside her is Brand, a young warrior who hates to kill. A failure in her eyes and his own, the voyage is his last chance at redemption.

But warriors can be weapons, and weapons are made for one purpose. Will Thorn always be a tool in the hands of the powerful, or can she carve her own path? Is there a place outside of legend for a woman with a blade?

Half the World Review:

Half the World is a continuation of the series, but you will find yourself wrapped up and following other character’s lives. I’ve seen some people say you could just jump right into this book without reading the first book, but that’s complete B.S. The first book will make you understand the character of Yarvi A LOT better. If you jump right into this book, you will not fully understand his actions or his demeanor, and you want to understand them.

This book focuses a lot more on the new character of Thorn Bathu. She has become one of my absolute favorite fictional characters. She is a BADASS, making all those YA female “badass assassins” look like care bears.


Thorn is out for vengeance and will stop at nothing to get it. You watch her character grow throughout the story, and I am so glad she was added to the story,and you come to learn just how important her character is. Then you have Brand, who wants to be a warrior, and who you will also love watching change and go through his inner turmoil of whether or not being a warrior is his true path. Also MINOR SPOILER: you WILL ship Brand and Thorn. It’s just unavoidable! Let it happen!

Yarvi showed a bit of his dark side in the first novel (which is why you should read it before reading this one) but that shadow of his becomes much bigger and more wide spread than in the first novel. Still he’s a great character to read.

Joe Abercrombie has done something wonderful for YA fantasy. Lately I have found myself bored with YA fantasy. One of the most popular series in the genre that shall remain nameless lost me in the third book. But Half a King and Half the World are incredible stories, with rich detail, gorgeous world building, and the characters will be instant favorites.

I have not once seen this series mentioned ANYWHERE on book tube or the YA book community and that is so sad because i think this could be a widely loved series. I highly recommend it. I am already reading the third book called Half a War and know I will probably finish it soon as well, because I find these books hard to put down.

I give this one 5 out of 5 Metal Horns!!



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