I’ve Been Trumped-A story of Failed Friendship

Oh Donald Trump. The scum of the earth, somehow getting quite close to being the republican candidate, let’s face the horrific truth, he will be. Now many of you might be thinking why do I care, I no longer live in the USA, well I still have friends there, I have family there. I care about them. I want the best for them, and Trump isn’t even qualified to run his own life, you’re supposed to trust him with an entire country?


I was waiting for this to happen, and last night it finally did. I lost a friend over her coming clean about her support for Trump. When she said it, I wasn’t shocked, but I had been hoping she was better than that. I was wrong, and I stopped and thought, can I continue this friendship, knowing what you support? Can I convince you of just how awful he is, and how he’s going to tear your country apart?


Maybe you will think my reaction to this is a little dramatic. Typically I don’t go around posting about my personal life or friendships, but this felt important. I don’t talk religion or politics with friends. I have taken this stance on more than one occasion because we all think differently, we all have different opinions. With this particular friend, I have spent over two years now trying to ignore some of the shit she supports, making excuses for her left and right to other people, Hoping that the person I was so close with for over a decade hadn’t transformed into someone who I could never see myself being friends with. I tried to pretend that she was still the funny and loyal friend I met at the age of 15. I tried really hard.

Around Christmas 2014, I visited NJ. We hung out one night, and around this time there was a lot happening because once again a cop shot and killed a young unarmed black man. There was still a lot of unrest in Ferguson, and there was a very obvious racial tension. She did not see it as a race issue, and this has stuck with me because it just seemed obvious to anyone who knows the history of the United States, that these and many other confrontations with police are because of racial tensions, and issues. She said it, and I felt myself getting angry in her car, and even then I kept my cool. I knew why she thought this because she was trying really hard to become a cop. She stood by the white cop blindly, and without hesitation. I left her car feeling something strange within my gut.

I should have listened to that gut feeling. You tried to get me to be a reference for you to enter the police academy, or whatever it was, and I refused. I wanted no part in that. That was the beginning of the end. I have tried, or maybe I have been hoping that you would wake up. I was hoping that I would get my friend back. I kept trying to keep things normal. Then there was the idea that you really wanted to visit me, and that is when I realized something, I wasn’t excited. I self sabotaged this friendship. I downright said to you “Please tell me you do not support Trump, do you?” and the reply was simply “Yes ma’am.” I made a very simple and clear reply that I could not wrap my head around it at all, and blocked you. I blocked you EVERYWHERE. I cleansed my life of tip toeing around you because I knew just a couple of words and I would set you off. I know you will go around calling me fake, but I was trying to be an adult. I kept things as civil as humanly possible because you have been a part of my life for 15 years. I thought I would be sad watching our friendship get trumped, but I felt relief.

I no longer have to pretend that you’re not a giant racist. You openly support someone who spews hate. He hates immigrants. You know I was an immigrant right? Had someone tried to do what he wants to do, you would have never met me. That’s not the real tragedy here though. I know you’re intelligent. You have done so well in school. You have the capacity to think clearly, but for some reason you don’t. You are feeding into the disgusting things he says he will do. You think he cares about you? He cares about his ego and his rich friends. You are a pawn in this game, and in the end you are going to lose. You have spoken out about the atrocities that happened in Germany in World War II, do you realize that Trump’s hate speech is quite similar to how Hitler got into power? Using fear and ignorance to fuel his win?

There’s just so much I wish you would see, and maybe I should have simply said shit straight to you, but our “friendship” had become strained for more than two years of me ignoring your racist views, and last night I finally just said “enough”. I wish you well, and I hope one day you will come to see things differently. The color of your skin does not make you better than anyone. You come from a very multicultural town, you yourself are not purely of polish descent, so I will NEVER understand how you became this person. This person that I did not feel good about being friends with anymore.

Friends grow apart every day. This is me signing off of this friendship. I hope you grow, I hope you come to see the world in a different light.

Peace & Love


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5 Responses to I’ve Been Trumped-A story of Failed Friendship

  1. Ughh I cannot understand why people support Trump!!! I’ve been avoiding all of the facebook posts from the republican side of my family because I know how disgusted I’d be if I saw them supporting Trump!! Great piece!!


    • Yea, luckily I don’t know anyone else who supports him. It wasn’t shocking for me to discover this friend supported Trump, I was just really hoping that logic and intelligence would kick in and she would see the reality of things. Thanks for commenting!! 😀

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  2. Wow! Great post and honestly I would do the same. Life is too short for toxic relationships.


    • Thanks! I think I held onto some hope that she would return to being the girl I met at the age of 15. But people change and sometimes not for the better. I definitely realized a weight was lifted when I simply just stopped speaking to her. thanks for reading!


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