Pirates will Rise: Netflix Blocking VPNs


We were all warned, Netflix is going to crack down on subscribers who use VPNs to connect to the U.S. Content. Friends have mentioned it to me, more than one person has already freaked out because they have officially been blocked, and about ten minutes ago, as I tried to put on an episode of Bob’s Burgers to wind down, I got the message from the devil,”You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit netflix.com/proxy.” Sigh. If I must admit defeat then so be it. I know some people who have now not only canceled their subscriptions to whatever VPN service they were using, but also they have canceled their Netflix accounts. While I think it sucks that I won’t be able to access Gilmore Girls reruns or Bob’s Burgers episodes, Netflix Germany offers enough content to keep me as a customer. I think I am the minority on this issue though.

Piracy will Become a (bigger) Problem

I am not naive, I know that piracy is a huge problem. I know people download shit by the millions all over the world. I do think that many users around the world were happy with using VPNs to hop from one country’s content to the next, which lowered their illegal downloading of movies and shows. When I first moved to Germany, it was the only way I could access Netflix, and let me tell you it made me quite ecstatic to know that I could watch my favorite shows without the HORRIBLE German overdubbing. Most people were recently just escaping their country’s dismal Netflix libraries and hopping to the massive one from the U.S. Those are the people that will probably revert back to illegal downloading.

I understand that Netflix had to buckle under the pressure from studios and probably a shitload of lawyers, but I also think that license and copyright holders for these shows and movies are shooting themselves in the foot right now. They are going to find that the numbers for piracy for their shows and movies are probably going to make a bit of a jump now.

Will Netflix be able to get Global rights for content?

That is the big question that people are asking. Will they be able to get past this VPN mess, and get global rights for shows and movies? Will every Netflix user around the world have the same content eventually? All of us geeks are hoping that the answer will eventually be a yes, but Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer at Netflix has said that it looks like a difficult road they’re on for this challenge. We can only sit back and hope it happens down the road.

I for one, will stick with Netflix here in Germany. It carries enough stuff to keep me, especially all of those wonderful Marvel shows. I will not become a pirate, but I do not speak for everyone. Pirates WILL rise…

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