15 Book Nerd Facts About Me


I have seen a few book nerds writing up some book nerd facts about themselves and I thought this would be a fun and quick post to make!! So here are 15 BookNerd Facts about me!!

1. Books have been a HUGE part of my life from the very first word I learned how to read.

2. Covers of Books have ZERO influence on what I buy now, because in the past year some of the prettiest covers, had the crappiest stories.

3. I don’t care if I buy used or new books, and lately I have been heading more towards used books, because I am GENUINELY trying to spend less money on books. For the price of one book, I can get 10..NO JOKE.

4. I have slowed down my requesting of titles for review. I requested too many last year and disliked most.

5. My current favorite writer is V.E. Schwab.

6. I am editing my first novel, and have four other ideas juggling around in different parts of the writing process. You can call me crazy.

7. I usually have my Kindle on me.

8. Which brings us to this fact…I enjoy Ebooks and Physical books. I have no rhyme or reason as to what format I get.

9. I stop paying attention to any reviewer who only gives books 4 or 5 stars to absolutely EVERYTHING they read. I notice it more and more with people who seem to just try to kiss ass to get free stuff from publishers. You are in it for the wrong reasons, and I have no respect for you.

10. YES, I do prefer the company of books.

11. I try to convince everyone to read the Harry Potter series.

12. My boyfriend lets me talk his ear off about books I am reading, or book ideas I have to write. He’s quite supportive.

13. I hate seeing shelves with pristine books like they have never been read. It breaks my heart.

14. I hate hate hate the mortal instruments series…NOT SORRY.

15. I own over 600 Books.

*Bonus fact: I worked at a book store for about two years and it is where I met one of my best friends and it was one of the best times I had.

Those are just 15 little fun facts!! Enjoy, and tell me some of your booknerd facts!!



8 thoughts on “15 Book Nerd Facts About Me”

  1. I agree with you on review books! I never request any from publishers (except for very few from NetGalley and I’ll take them from BEA because there’s no pressure). I hate feeling like I HAVE to read a book. It really diminishes my enjoyment of it even if I would’ve liked it otherwise. I think it’s important to read what you actually want to read (unless you’re trying to turn reviewing into a full time job). I just do everything for fun!


    1. yea maybe that feeling that I HAVE to read it, is what makes me dislike them, or I just read some really bad ARCs last year lol This year I have decided only to request something if it absolutely sounds interesting to me. Currently reading one called The Last Days of Magic which so far is really good, and it was one I requested because it just sounded wonderful. I will stick to that from now on.


  2. I’m with you on used books. If I can get the same book at half the price of the new edition, I will. And I recently got a Kindle and it was the best decision I made in a long time. The fact that I can carry a lot of books with me at all times in that tiny thing just marvels me.


    1. I LOVE my kindle. When I travel it is the best thing ever. I don’t need to worry about finishing a book cuz I have another one lined up. I usually go to the local library’s used book sales and they’ve been able to better a lot of things there because of those sales so I don’t mind dropping 20€ or 30€ for a huge stack of books many in amazing shape cuz it helps them keep their doors open. I love it.

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