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A Gathering of Shadows – Book Review

Normally I start my Reviews by giving you a summary of what this book is about, but because this is a sequel to A Darker Shade of Magic, I don’t want to do that, just in case you have not … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Trumped-A story of Failed Friendship

Oh Donald Trump. The scum of the earth, somehow getting quite close to being the republican candidate, let’s face the horrific truth, he will be. Now many of you might be thinking why do I care, I no longer live … Continue reading

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Pirates will Rise: Netflix Blocking VPNs

We were all warned, Netflix is going to crack down on subscribers who use VPNs to connect to the U.S. Content. Friends have mentioned it to me, more than one person has already freaked out because they have officially been … Continue reading

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Coffee & Rant – Stop Being a Snob

On this installment of my coffee & rant posts, I talk about snobs. You know who I am talking about. The people who think their choices in what they eat, drink, read, and listen to, areĀ better than your choices. You … Continue reading

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Locke & Key Vol.1: Welcome to Lovecraft – Book Review

Locke & Key Vol.1 Summary: “Locke & Key” tells of Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them, and home to a hate-filled and relentless creature that will not rest … Continue reading

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Brace Yourselves, Geeky Stuff is Coming!!

I thought I would make a post about some of the things I am looking forward to in the next coming months. A lot of stuff doesn’t have set release dates yet, but I am still hoping that it will … Continue reading

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15 Book Nerd Facts About Me

I have seen a few book nerds writing up some book nerd facts about themselves and I thought this would be a fun and quick post to make!! So here are 15 BookNerd Facts about me!! 1. Books have been … Continue reading

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