The Martian – Book Review



Before we dive into this review, I will just say that I did not hate this book, I just didn’t LOVE it like everyone else seems to. Which I am not apologizing for. I don’t need to love something just because people think the sun shines out of its ass. So let’s get to it. I Promise, NO spoilers.

The Martian by Andy Weir

I am sure by now you have heard of The Martian, especially since it was made into a movie with Matt Damon, but in case you live under a rock, let me tell you the premise of The Martian. The story focuses on Mark Watney who is on a mission on Mars with a crew of astronauts. Suddenly, during a dust storm, he is nearly killed, and while the rest of the crew evacuates Mars, he is left stranded because the crew presumes him dead. But alas, he survived and is now left on Mars with no way to contact anyone on Earth.


It starts off slow, but that’s probably because he really believes at first that there’s no way he’s going to survive. Then he starts to strategize and figure out that there’s actually a chance he could stay alive. Here’s where I start to get a little annoyed. One minute it’s all about positivity and how “Yes! I can make it!” then a couple of paragraphs later it’s “Nope, I’m fucked!” and this goes back and forth for quite a while, for most of the book even, because Andy Weir felt the need to make every single thing that could possibly go wrong, ACTUALLY go wrong. And, yes, I understand the story is about survival, and yes I also understand the dangers of space travel and how he was trying to make that also come across, but I just really didn’t like the way it was done or how it was written.

I liked the character of Mark Watney, even with his horrible dad jokes. Because the humor really was cheesy enough to come from some suburban dad driving a minivan. I just once again, didn’t like how most of this was written. Also, there are A LOT of very scientific terms, and explanations. Most of which I got the gist of, but it still read like a textbook many times which also made me roll my eyes and huff and puff. You will also get to hear about his bowel movements and his urine and the uses of it in space. Which, hey is interesting, but its mentioned also a few times. In other words, things get a little redundant somewhere along the line.


If I hated this book I would not have bothered finishing it, so no hate here. I liked the characters, and there are more than just Mark Watney. You get to see the views from his crew, and people back at Nasa. Those parts sometimes were more entertaining than reading about Mark Watney once again figuratively shooting  himself in the foot. I like his outlook even in the most dire situation anyone has ever found themselves in. I appreciated the fact that he continuously fights to stay alive,  it would have been a really short story otherwise. There just wasn’t anything that made me love it. Would I recommend it to anyone? Sure! Science and space geeks will love this book. Others might as well, there’s a reason why it is so popular. It just wasn’t a favorite for me.

I gave this one 3 out of 5 Metal Horns.


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