Music Monday-Book Soundtrack


I am making this my new theme, I thought about using the “Metal Monday” slogan as the theme, but quickly realized that I wouldn’t always have a metal song to go with a book. While I love metal music, and it is indeed my favorite, I also listen to plenty of other stuff. So this is the first in a series of posts where I will write about a book I have read, and then write down 3 songs that I think people should check out, as it reminds me of the characters or the book itself. Let’s check out our first three!!


The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The Bard’s Song by Blind Guardian

I only recently realized at a live show for Blind Guardian,that when they play The Bard’s Song that I instantly think of this book and of course it’s follow up The Wise Man’s Fear. I love Blind Guardian and their music is heavily influenced by some of the most wonderful fantasy books out there. This very song was influenced by something else, but my head automatically clicks on this series. I enjoy listening to Blind Guardian when I am trying to imagine my own fantasy worlds for my stories. This may not be your cup of tea, but I think anyone who loves the idea of a Bard, and loves fantasy stories of epic adventures and dragons, should give their music a shot. I sometimes feel transported to a whole new world while listening to their music.

“There’s only one song
Left in my mind
Tales of a brave man
Who lived far from here
Now the bard songs are over
And it’s time to leave
No one should ask you for the name
Of the one
Who tells the story”

Everything’s Gone by In Flames

This probably has more to do with the fact that In Flames is my favorite band, and I could probably connect a song to everything I read, but If you know the main character Kvothe and his story, I think you will find that the lyrics of this particular song can also connect quite well to his story. It instantly popped into my mind when I listened to it. Just another band for you to check out.

“Where I have nothing
There’s no hate
Room to breathe
No envy and nothing to lose

I’m the one
Who brought the mountain down
Tore it piece by piece… Down
Everything’s gone”

The Mason by Wovenwar

I chose this song because the chorus is another part that just instantly makes me think of Kvothe telling his story. Of all the things he’s been through, and how exactly he managed to deal with everything. Granted the third book in this series is still not released so who knows the fate of our red headed hero, but I think this song’s chorus just makes me think of him.

“And I, I have caved in, again
But I, I’m building from the wreckage

We bend, we break, we’re forced to heal
The toll it takes in time revealed”

So there you have it, my very first book soundtrack post. Make sure to come back every Monday for another book, and three more songs you can check out!!


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