Book Nerd Resolutions


I am not really one for resolutions, but it seemed like a fun idea to write something up for the new year. I think all of that “NEW YEAR,NEW ME” bullshit is funny, but these are things I am aiming for when it comes to reading and books. So before we party into 2016, let’s see what my aims are for the new year.


RE-READ Harry Potter

If you know me, you are probably asking “AGAIN?!” but it has actually been a full two years since I have done a re-read of the entire series. Since I bought the Illustrated version of the first book, I just finished reading it yesterday, and decided that now I will continue through the entire series in 2016.


READ Less Young Adult Fiction

This is probably going to be the more controversial resolution, but before you start yelling at me, let me explain a bit. I found myself getting sucked into the hype that most publishers create for young adult novels and honestly many of the ones I had the chance to read, or even the privilege to read ARCs of, were so damn disappointing. Now this does not mean I won’t read ANY YA, but I am going to make an effort to step away from it a bit more this year. There were some really incredible YA books I read, but there were too many disappointments. Usually many of the disappointments were those books that major Booktubers and Publishers hyped up to the point where the story could never live up to it.

BUY Less Books

This is more because I am trying to save more money this coming year, but also I spent a bit on books in 2015, and now have a stack of books that need to be read. SO for at least the first four months of 2016 I will not buy a single book. I will catch up with what I currently own, and even then I will be making more visits to the library instead of constantly spending money on books. Not everyone can spend 100s on books to create book hauls for youtube. Honestly I find that amount of spending to be unhealthy, and I saw myself heading in that direction (even though the most I spent in a month on books this year was 60 bucks), so I am hitting the brakes this year.


READ a Few More Classics

Now I have read quite a few classics through the years, but either I can’t remember the stories well, or some I just did not finish. I am of the opinion that many classics aren’t as timeless as some people seem to believe. Because many of these were written in such a different time, I sometimes have a hard time connecting to them. But there are a few that I want to read in 2016. Especially Frankenstein, because I never fully read that one. I have a copy of War & Peace that I would like to give a shot, but it’s HUGE, and the pages are like bible paper. Super thin, almost see through. haha We will see.

READ 100 Books

This shouldn’t be so hard, I reached my goal this year of 80 books. I actually hit 81, and that’s not counting any reread books. So 100 is the goal for 2016, though I am not sure if I will be doing the GoodReads challenge or if I will just count them up myself. Sometimes those challenges suck the fun out of reading.

READ Diverse Books

I did a bit of this, but I want to venture into more diverse books. Meaning that the author isn’t just another white male or female, or the main character isn’t this perfect white blonde white girl. I am interested in stories where the characters are from all walks of life, have different stories to tell that I normally wouldn’t hear otherwise, any recommendations please comment down below.

Write More

I am quite proud of myself because I wrote almost 40,000 words for my very first novel. I did not finish it like I wanted to this year, but I would like to finish it in the early months of 2016, and move onto my fantasy series that I have an entire notebook filled with ideas for. Also start writing bits and pieces of a historical fiction piece that I also have tons of notes for. I just basically want to write a lot more in 2016.

READ More Historical Fiction

I have discovered that I really enjoy Historical Fiction stories. I didn’t get to read a lot from this genre this year, so in 2016 I would like to read more from this genre. Any recommendations please comment below as well!!

So those are some of my book nerd “resolutions” for the new year. I hope to follow through on all of these. Any book recommendations you may have, just leave a comment below. Let’s talk books!!



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3 Responses to Book Nerd Resolutions

  1. omg i love the loki gif (it’s one of the reasons i clicked on the blog post lol )


  2. I share some of your goals! I’m hoping to buy less books (but I doubt it’ll happen lol) and I want to read more diverse books too! Good luck with your resolutions, I hope you can keep them 🙂


    • Thanks!! Good luck as well!! I will definitely try hard not to buy anything for the first 4-5 months this year. I got a lot of books in the past two months so I have enough to keep me occupied. Plus many of the releases that are being hyped right now do not interest me. Only one I might break for is A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab lol but I love her writing!


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