A Darker Shade of Magic – Book Review



I finished reading this book about 20 minutes ago, and I thought I just needed to write this review right away, while this amazing story is fresh in my mind. I am somewhat ashamed to say that I’ve had this book for a while, and only now did I finally read it. The reason? Probably just life in general, and I just really wanted this book to be as amazing as everyone makes it seem, and I was a bit afraid I would be disappointed. Well I definitely wasn’t disappointed. About 50 pages into A Darker Shade of Magic and I was completely hooked.

So here I sit type type typing away my review. If you read my reviews, you know how weird I am when I write them, because I want to keep them as spoiler free as possible.

A Darker Shade of Magic is about Kell, who is one of the last travelers. Travelers are magicians who can travel between the Londons (yes that is plural because there are parallel universes, or in this case Londons) There’s Grey, Red,White, and once there was a Black London.

Kell is the Red Traveler. While he can travel between the parallel Londons he’s not supposed to smuggle things from any of them, and smuggle he does. And while pulling one of those smuggling stunts he meets Lila. While their initial meeting goes a bit south, they end up on one hell of an adventure.

So there’s the premise of this story. But you have no idea how wonderful it actually is!! The world building is just magnificent, and V.E. Schwab just gets it right. The characters….Holy shit these characters!! I love them so much. I found myself rooting for them the entire time. There are epic magical fights that are just written out in such a way that I thought I was on the sidelines cheering.

Lila…I LOVE HER. She’s such a breath of fresh air. She’s tough, smart and all around incredible. When the book ended…I just wanted to know what was next for these lovely characters, but I especially want to know what Lila does next.

It took me so long to finally read this, but this may very well be my favorite read of 2015, and now I cannot wait for February 2016 to arrive so I can have the second book in this series “A Gathering of Shadows”. If only I had a Tardis to head into the future…just a little bit…I would come back to this time again.

Sigh. This book was so wonderful. I’m just sitting here like:


This book got 5 out 5 Metal horns from me!!


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