Career of Evil – Book Review


I know it has been a bit since I actually posted a book review well here it is!! My new Book Review. Now this may be a short one because I don’t want to give anything away, and I find that sometimes I can easily spoil a novel for someone. Also this is the third book in the Cormoran Strike Series, and PLEASE PLEASE go read the other two first!!

Career of Evil

It took me some time to read this, and not because it was boring or anything, but because I started it on the plane to Portugal, and once I arrived there, I was all about family time and enjoying some time away from the daily madness. Then when I returned I was still in a bit of a funk, and couldn’t really get myself to read. Reading slumps are the worst! Then suddenly, I just felt like reading the rest of Career of Evil. Thankfully this book was just as well written and thrilling as the other two. Thank you Career of Evil for ripping me out of my reading slump! The character development is so so wonderful. The friendship between Strike and Robin is also what keeps me coming back, of course then I stay for the mystery and the thrilling bits.

It starts with a package arriving at the office for Robin, and what’s inside sends them into a frenzy. You learn more back story about both Strike and Robin in this one, which may have slowed down the core plot, but it was also quite essential to it. I loved knowing more and more about them. Career of Evil is just a well written piece of fiction, and I am now waiting for the next one, because from what I hear this will be a long series as well. And that ending….BOY did that ending leave me wanting to know what is to come! I love this book so much, and in wonderful J.K. Rowling fashion, it steam rolled my reading slump and I am back to my usual reading pace.

I give Career of Evil 5 out 5 Metal Horns!!!


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