If I were a Book..

I found this idea in the depths of Tumblr somewhere, and I thought it was a pretty neat idea. I wanted to do it as well and maybe give a little reason why I chose the books in this particular list.I don’t think it needs to describe any bit of my personality, it is just a cool way to recommend books, and to have books recommended to me. So don’t forget to share some of your recommendations down below. So here we go, If I were a book…

If I were a fantasy book, I’d be Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


When I first read this book, I couldn’t help but connect to the story. Harry and his friends were entering their awkward years and I was pretty much in my awkward years. The story of course is wonderful, but I just connected to it in many ways.

If I were a science fiction book, I’d be Ready Player One


Which I guess is only because of the video game aspect of the novel, because believe it or not I didn’t actually love this book like everyone else on the planet seems to. I don’t read much Science Fiction apparently so this was hard to find an answer to. Maybe I will find some more Sci-Fi to check out in 2016. Make some recommendations down below if you would like. 😀

If I were an adult fiction book, I’d be A Darker Shade of Magic


I am almost done with this book and I only started it a couple of days ago. It has been a while since I have dived into a book and really could not put it down. Well of course I have to handle my responsibilities for the day, but I am reluctant to actually put this book down instead of just reading it straight to the end. I know all of her books written under V.E.Schwab are adult novels, so I am going with this one even though I have yet to finish it, it is just that good.

If I were a young adult book,I’d be The Diviners


This book is one of my favorite reads of this year, and I am still hoping to get to the sequel before the year is up. (yes, I realize I only have a month left to do so) It takes place in 1920’s New York City, which for some reason has always been quite fascinating to me. I highly recommend this creepy read!!

If I were a non-fiction book, I’d be Furiously Happy


I have mentioned this book A LOT lately, and really I cannot help myself. Jenny Lawson has made me feel a lot more comfortable in my own anxiety filled skin. I know that sometimes I cannot help the way I feel, and I should not have to apologize for that.

If I were a graphic novel, I’d be Rat Queens


I read the two volumes that are out, and I have to say that they are two of my absolute favorite Graphic Novels, but I also want to say that Lady Killer Which is a completely different novel, is also up here because I was so pleasantly surprised by it when I got a digital review copy, and I really want more people to check it out.

If I were a horror/thriller book, I’d be Career of Evil


This book dragged me out of my reading slump this month. Thank you Ms.Rowling! This book falls more on the crime/thriller/mystery area but I had to throw it up here, because if you haven’t checked out this series yet, then I think you need to do so NOW.

If I were a historical fiction book, I’d be Fall of Giants 


This book was long and sometimes, I felt like it was dragging, but the premise of it is quite interesting, and though I have yet to finish the series, I think if you’re really into historical fiction, that this might just be your cup of tea.

If I were a children’smiddle grade book, I’d be Sword of Summer 


This is the new series by Rick Riordan who’s definite claim to fame was the Percy Jackson series. I flew threw this book, and think anyone that loved Percy Jackson will love Magnus Chase. I loved this book a whole lot more than I ever loved the Percy Jackson series, which I did not finish reading because I lost interest mid way through the second book.


I deleted some parts of this because I just couldn’t find the right books to recommend. I hope you check out some of these and please leave me some recommendations down below, as I hope to make a giant list of books I will hope to read in the next year.



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3 Responses to If I were a Book..

  1. bevchen says:

    The only science fiction I really like is Douglas Adams (unless you prefer to call that fantasy?). And I, Robot was pretty good (the original book of short stories). I haven’t read Ready, Player One so can’t judge that.


    • I have read Douglas Adams as well. I don’t know of any modern Science Fiction that really appeals to me. Or I just haven’t found the right book. Ready Player One has a lot of 80’s pop culture references which many people seem to love, and I did at first as well, but then it just seemed to take over the story and I found it to be annoying. haha But you could check it out if you’d like, supposed to be a movie soon as well.


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