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If I were a Book..

I found this idea in the depths of Tumblr somewhere, and I thought it was a pretty neat idea. I wanted to do it as well and maybe give a little reason why I chose the books in this particular … Continue reading

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Trouble in YA Paradise

I am specifically using The Hunger Games as my opening image for a reason. You will catch onto it soon. There’s trouble in YA fiction paradise, and it has been stirred by a white male author who I wanted to … Continue reading

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Series I Have Quit

Let’s try to bring this blog back to normal, or at least sort of normal. I was watching some videos on youtube, and a few people were talking about series that they quit. Meaning they started it, and might have … Continue reading

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A Time to Reflect

I know in my previous post I wrote about my reading and writing slump. That currently hasn’t changed much. See I was starting to feel like I could break it, and then Friday night happened. The attacks in Paris, shocked … Continue reading

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The Reading & Writing Slump Blues

If you noticed that I have not updated in a while, it is because I was not around. I went to Portugal for about 10 days. While I could have scheduled some blog posts while I was gone, I decided … Continue reading

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