Metal Monday – In Amerika Rammstein DVD

In Amerika Dvd


I need to do these more often, but I am pretty deeply consumed by books haha

But on this glorious Metal Monday, I have decided to write about Rammstein’s DVD In Amerika. Rammstein is still the greatest live show I have ever seen. It is loud, there’s fire everywhere, there’s all kinds of theatrics, and you want to know the very best part about this band and their shows? They don’t give a SHIT what you think of them. They are in your face and completely unabashed.

I already watched the documentary portion of this DVD, and even though it seems a bit long, it is also really well done and quite interesting. The way this band has climbed to popularity in the USA is quite amazing. The DVD shows their story of making it in Amerika, and the live show is from their performance in Madison Square Garden in 2010, about a decade after their previous show on American soil.

I think anyone with any remote interest in this band should seriously check this dvd out, and do NOT skip over the documentary portion of it. You get to know a lot about their experiences in the USA and exactly how they became so popular.

I am yet to see the live show portion of the DVD but I already know how awesome it will be. Go pick this up now!!

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