Top 5 Wednesday – Fictional Cities

My very first Top 5 Wednesday

This was created by: which by the way she makes great videos, go watch them!!

This weeks topic is Fictional Cities.


  1. Halloween Town from Nightmare Before Christmas

I am going to be honest, ever since I moved to Germany, the thing I tend to miss the most is Halloween. I loved seeing creepy decorations and being allowed to dress up even for work. At my last job in NJ I even decorated my entire desk for Halloween. So I love Halloween Town and this movie!! Also, THE CANDY. So much candy to be eaten. I loved candy corn in all its artificial sugary sweetness. Someone send me some? :: BEGS :: Jack would totally give me candy corn.


  1. Gotham City

Sure it has crazies running around all over the place, but also…BATMAN.

It probably has a crime rate that’s through the roof, but also…BATMAN.

I think you get the point.



Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite shows. The idea of all these wonderful and magical people from my childhood living in one town is KIND OF amazing.

The Shire

2. The Shire

Okay I couldn’t do fictional cities or areas without mentioning the Shire. All those lush green hills, and those gorgeous little hobbit homes. Frodo let me be your neighbor!! 🙂



I don’t have to explain this really…Harry Potter is my number 1, ALWAYS. All those wonderful little shops. The Three Broomsticks, Honeydukes, and Hogsmeade in the winter?? YES PLEASE!!!

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3 Responses to Top 5 Wednesday – Fictional Cities

  1. bevchen says:

    Aww, I love The Nightmare Before Christmas!

    Personally I always wanted to visit Narnia. In fact, confession, when I was around 7 I believed it was real and spent ages trying to figure out a way to get there!

    There’s a place just outside Nottingham (UK) called Gotham (pronounced Go-tum). They’ve had their sign stolen numerous times.


    • Hahaha I can imagine that tons of geeky steal that sign haha

      My main plan is to get to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour. See all the stuff from the movies.

      I would love Narnia as well, but I had to narrow it down to 5 this time. 😀


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