Harry Potter and Adulthood


On October 6th the illustrated version of the first Harry Potter book HP and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone in the USA) will be released and I am extremely excited for it. I have seen the samples and my little geeky heart skipped a beat.

As I am nearing the age of 30, I think plenty of people don’t quite understand why I am still so obsessed with a story that was written for children, and while I don’t owe any kind of asshole any sort of explanation, the explanation is quite easy. I WAS a child when the first book was released. From there I grew up with Harry and his friends. As they entered awkward teen years, I was in the midst of my awkward teen years, as they got slammed into adulthood, I did as well. I literally grew up with these books. But honestly, even if you are only now as an adult getting into Harry Potter, GOOD FOR YOU!! It is not just a well written series, It is an incredible story that will warm the heart and soul and make you want more from that magical world. This story feels like home to me.


For me, it is like comfort food. When I have bad days, I watch one of the movies, read one of the books, or listen to the Audio books (narrated by Stephen Fry which i HIGHLY recommend for any Potter fan) Harry Potter is to me what Star Wars is to so many. I think the beauty of being an adult is you can do whatever you want. My geeky dream is to get the chance to go to the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour, also there’s a train trip that goes to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, and the scenes of the Hogwarts express over the stone bridge apparently come from this exact train trip. One day…haha

Now for all of you adult Harry Potter fans, Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for liking something. I don’t really understand why it’s perfectly okay for grown men to yell and scream like banshees for sports teams, but we are “weird” because we like a series of books and movies. Fuck em. Fuck anyone who says that you shouldn’t love this magical world. I love it, and I will never care if someone thinks I am childish. I plan to have a HP themed 30th birthday party.


The world is small. Our lives are short. Love what you love. Obsess over Harry Potter, Star wars, Doctor Who and everything else. Laugh and cry over fictional characters. Just be you. Be you and be proud of it! In all of your geeky glory!!



3 thoughts on “Harry Potter and Adulthood”

  1. I absolutely love your post! I had no idea about the illustrated book and now I’m super excited for it to come out! (I’m 25 by the way and I still love HP just the same as I did when I started reading the books when I was 11). They’re just really great and I have to say that since the HP series, I haven’t really found too many book series with the same great caliber. You know? However, I have recently stumbled across E.D. Baker’s book series and they are quite catching. (She writes fractured fairytales, so maybe you might one to give it a try?) Also, I love your profile picture! It rocks! Do you play the drums? I do. I love playing the drums. Okay, I’m done being nosy. Have a great day! =D



    1. Thanks for the comment!! I do not play the drums, the photo on my site is from a fun night with friends playing Rock Band. lol Though I love music, I do not know how to play any instruments.

      As for Harry Potter, there’s no book series that will ever measure up to the detail and the characters in those books. There are many books that I love, but not like HP.

      I have checked out E.D. Baker’s books before, but I am not a fan. Though I will give it another try eventually. There’s a book series by Trudi Canavan called the Black Magician Trilogy that is great for fans of magic and HP in my opinion. Definitely not the same caliber of Harry Potter, but still an amazing and fun series.



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