Four Things

The title says it all. I don’t know who the original creator of this is, because it seems like there are quite a few geek or book bloggers doing this at the moment. If you created this, let me know! I think it is a wonderful idea!! Here’s a little look into who I am. Enjoy.


Four places I’ve lived:

  1. Viseu, Portugal: I was born there and lived there the first few years of my life. It is still one of the greatest and most beautiful places I have ever seen. It will always have my heart.
  2. Elizabeth,NJ USA: I was raised here. It is a shitty town with an even shittier reputation. It was nice when I was a kid, but then it turned into a crappy neighborhood.
  3. Union,NJ USA: It was a step up, but it was still NJ, and I have come to despise NJ.
  4. Germany: The city I live in isn’t a big secret but I would rather not post it all over my blog. 🙂

Four jobs I’ve had:

  1. Worked at my parent’s dry cleaner. It was boring, but I also had my friends who would stop by to make it a little bearable, and I have some fun memories.
  2. Bookstore clerk. It is where I met one of my best friends Anna, and honestly it was the most fun I have ever had.
  3. Receptionist for a Mortgage company. Lets leave them nameless cuz that job was boring as fuck
  4. Photo Studio assistant manager. Another one that will remain nameless as the owner is a bigot, a racist and an idiot. I loved my coworkers but the owner was scum.

Four things I don’t eat

  1. Peas
  2. Peas
  3. Peas
  4. Peas I HATE THEM

Four of my favourite foods

  1. I love Mexican food. Seriously….get in my belly.
  2. Portuguese food…I love so much of it, I cannot pick a fave
  3. Pizza
  4. Curry Wurst ….OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Four films I’ve watched more than once

  1. All of Harry Potter
  2. Lord of the Rings
  3. Beauty and the Beast
  4. Big Hero 6

Four TV Shows I watch

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. Doctor Who
  3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  4. New Girl

Four things I’m looking forward to this year

  1. Visiting my family in Portugal
  2. The illustrated version of The first harry potter book
  3. Seeing In Flames live again
  4. Christmas Markets

Four things I can’t live without

  1. Coffee
  2. Books
  3. My family & Friends
  4. Video Games

Four places I’ve visited

  1. Gothenburg,Sweden
  2. Warsaw,Poland
  3. Pula, Croatia
  4. Biarritz,France

Four pet peeves

  1. Loud eaters…close your mouth and chew like a civilized person
  2. Rude Kids(see number 3)
  3. Shitty Parents
  4. Slow Walkers

Four things I wish I could do

  1. Paint…but I mean really paint. haha
  2. Draw. I do it sometimes but It is not amazing
  3. Play an instrument
  4. Teleport. haha

Four subjects I studied at school

  1. Spanish
  2. Art History
  3. Accounting
  4. Macroeconomics

Four things near me right now

  1. My phone
  2. Some candy
  3. My calculator
  4. My mint green Bose Headphones
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6 Responses to Four Things

  1. bevchen says:

    I remember this doing the rounds a few years ago. Funny how these things come back.

    Ugh, loud eaters annoy me so much! But I also get annoyed by “normal” eating noises. I used to share an office with someone who would bring an apple in every day and listening to her crunching it made me so irrationally irritated.


    • OMG I tried to look a little saner by saying loud noises because really any noise drives me nuts!!! At my internship there was this loud tea sipper or I should say slurper and I wanted to break the mug over his damn head. LOL


  2. Are you planning on coming to the BuCon in (well, just outside of) Frankfurt this year? Because if so let me know and then maybe we can exchange book geek high fives!


    • I have to check when it is, but I almost went last year, and I think this year I should definitely make it out there!! its not far from me. 🙂 I think it would be fun.


      • WAIT i was thinking of something else. haha I want to go to the huge book convention in Frankfurt. I will look into this one as well, but If its mainly German literature there, I don’t have much of an interest as my German skills are atrocious


      • Well there’s the Frankfurt Book Fair (the huuuuuge one):

        And there is BuCon, which is SFF specific and takes place on the Saturday of the book fair. Mostly German language though, yeah. Their website is here:

        The big book fair has a large English language presence as well. I enjoy it for the sheer mass of book love in one place.

        Anyway, if you decide to go hit me up on twitter or where ever and maybe we can grab a coffee.


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