Metal Monday – Dave of Thrones

If you took this pic let me know, couldn't find anyone to credit.

If you took this pic let me know, couldn’t find anyone to credit.

It is indeed Metal Monday, and while the Foo Fighters are not considered metal, Dave Grohl officially is.

A few weeks back Dave broke his leg at the beginning of their live show in Gothenburg, Sweden (home of the BEST metal bands) and in true Gothenburg sound spirit, Grohl came back and finished the show while being seated.

Now people began to wonder how the hell the Foo Fighters would actually get to do their massive North American tour, and well that question was answered on Saturday at the opening show in Washington, D.C. when the man rolled out on a throne.

Proving to the world that whether you like Foo Fighters or not, you cannot deny that Dave Grohl is Metal as FUCK!

Shows and entire tours have been cancelled for much smaller shit, this man is a living legend.

Cheers to you Dave of Thrones!!


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3 Responses to Metal Monday – Dave of Thrones

  1. bevchen says:

    I love the Foo Fighters and have even more respect for Dave Grohl after seeing this all over Facebook


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