The Girl With All the Gifts – Book Review


Okay I am not going to write any spoilers here, but I think at this point, it is a known fact that this is indeed about Zombies. This little bit of information was spoiled for me quite some time before I read the story. While it took an interesting approach to them, I also think this book has been hyped up way too much, and did not live up to said hype.

Now don’t get me wrong here because I think it is beautifully written, my rating was knocked down because it’s marketed as a thriller, and there was about one or two really “thrilling” moments.

I still read this very quickly. but then I got to the end. And that just irritated me beyond words.

So this book is a so-so for me, but it does have very high ratings, so check it out if you are looking for an interesting read, but don’t go into it thinking its all mystery, and creepiness, because you will be thoroughly disappointed.

This wasn’t part of my reading challenge, those reviews will be coming soon. 😀 I have another review coming though before I enter into my challenge reviews.

The Girl with All the Gifts gets 3 out 5 metal horns.


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