Summer Reading Challenge


I love to read! I can hear all the sarcastic “REALLY?!” from here.

So I see so many people who are participating in reading challenges, or creating their own, and so I decided to make one for myself, but then thought it would be so much fun to share it with all of you. So a lot of these challenges have a lot of rules, I have some suggestions and one rule.

My suggestion is to have fun with this. No point to stress about what you will read next. Also If you need book recommendations for any of the items on the list, please ask me, I am sure I can help you.

One rule, you can only use a ONE TIME PASS where one book that fits into two categories can actually knock out both those categories. You can only do it ONCE so make it count. Any questions…again please feel free to comment below with your questions.

so here is the challenge:

1. Read a book written by a new female author. 

2. Read a thriller or horror book.

3. Read the first book in a series you’ve been meaning to start.

4. Read a fantasy novel.

5. Read an extremely hyped up Young Adult novel.

6. Read a classic novel.

7. Read a book that has a movie or a tv series.

8. Read a graphic novel.

9. Read a novel with diverse characters.

10.Read a summer themed or beach themed novel.

I will be picking out my books tomorrow and will share my choices with you all. Also you do not have to read the categories in order. MIX IT UP!!! and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! Also share this challenge with your friends or followers!! The more the merrier!!

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4 Responses to Summer Reading Challenge

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  2. novemberdelane says:

    Hey there (:
    I just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I’ve been kind of obsessed with reading challenges lately, and I probably shouldn’t join another one, but hey, there are worse things in the world, right?
    Anyway, I’d love if you could pass by and take a look at the challenges I am currently participating in. (:
    Have a nice weekend!
    xx November


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