Pushing Buttons,Starting Wars – Overhyped Books

This post is about books I believe are OVERHYPED. That’s right, I don’t love everything I read. What you love, I might hate, what I hate, apparently millions of people love. This shouldn’t be controversial, but I realize it might be, because some people take offense to a difference in opinions, to those I say:


Just know, that I don’t think anyone is dumb for liking the books I list here, this is what makes the world go round. So without anymore stalling, let me get to it.

Snow Like Ashes

snow like ashes

See that gorgeous book cover? Yea it grabbed me by the horns (cuz secretly I am the devil) too. For months the publisher hyped this up so much that I decided that I had to read it!! (Marketing…Win) So when I was visiting family in the USA, I bought it at Barnes and Noble. I was so excited to dive into the book. Let me tell you, Don’t judge a book by its cover. There is nothing special about this damn book. It was predictable, it had zero interesting characters, and the love triangles…UGH stop it! I really will not be continuing with this series, unless someone gifts the second book to me. I am not buying it.

City of Bones


HATE. I tried to read this more than once before I finally read the entire book. I bought it, let someone borrow it, she kept it. Hope she enjoyed it more than I ever did. Even if I could disregard the blatant plagiarism and thievery, I would still despise this book. The characters are whiney, the way it is written, isn’t my favorite style. I can’t. This whole thing is a giant NOPE for me.



This is a case where I may like the movie a little more than the book. It took me a really long time to finish this book, and it is not that big of a book. I think the concept was good, but it was kind of poorly executed. I enjoyed it, but all the hype feels undeserving to me. I was given the second book in the series Insurgent, and I got a quarter of the way in, and lost interest. This will be blasphemy, but I will wait for the rest of the movies. Sorry, not sorry.

Here’s where I may get shanked in a dark alley, here it goes: John Green is the most Overhyped writer on the planet.


I liked the Fault in Our Stars. I tried to start his other books and just couldn’t. They are extremely dull, and all seem to follow the same pattern for the characters. Look, he sparked this interest in literature that I find great, but I think his books are overhyped.

So that’s my short list for now. As I read more books, I will probably have more to add to this list, I mean there are more, but I think I will make it a theme I post every so often. Share your opinions on some books you find over hyped. I may not agree with you, like you may be telling me to go to hell in your head right now. 🙂

What is most important here is that we are all readers, and that we continue to be so, because it’s great. Just don’t fall for the hype. It’s like craft beer, and how everyone acts like they LOVE it, when it tastes like licking the asshole of a bowl of cereal, if bowls of cereal had assholes. We do not have to like something because it is trendy, I prefer to be honest.(and also form my own opinion) SO go out there and read…just don’t fall for the hype.



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7 Responses to Pushing Buttons,Starting Wars – Overhyped Books

  1. I was with you until you started hating on craft beer. How dare you!? That beer never did anything to you. Poor wheaty, hoppy, goodness.
    in all reality, though, yes. Especially to Divergent. Blech. The movies are super entertaining though.


  2. bevchen says:

    I was unimpressed by The Fault in Our Stars. It was good, but not great. I do like craft beer though!


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