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Summer Reading Challenge – My Picks

In case you missed it, I launched a summer reading challenge yesterday. Or technically in Germany time, earlier today. The info can be found here. I have made my picks, and you are totally allowed to follow what I have … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Challenge

I love to read! I can hear all the sarcastic “REALLY?!” from here. So I see so many people who are participating in reading challenges, or creating their own, and so I decided to make one for myself, but then … Continue reading

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Magonia – Book Review

Okay so I am a little behind on my book reviews.Bare with me as I change up some things here on the site. So I need to tell you all about this book. Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley is one … Continue reading

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Metal Monday – Metalheads Love to Love

That’s right ladies and gents… As reported in The Mirror and then plastered all over metal news sites, Metalheads are the faithful bunch in the music fandom. This isn’t really shocking to me as many metal fans are loyal fans … Continue reading

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Currently Reading: The Diviners

This is a short post but I just had to write about this. So good!! Guys and gals…I don’t typically tell people they HAVE TO read something but I’m about to make an exception because even though I’m only about … Continue reading

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Pushing Buttons,Starting Wars – Overhyped Books

This post is about books I believe are OVERHYPED. That’s right, I don’t love everything I read. What you love, I might hate, what I hate, apparently millions of people love. This shouldn’t be controversial, but I realize it might … Continue reading

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Geek Stuff – Yea I Own It

I know I am not the only one out there with tons of geeky items. I thought I would share some of my cool stuff. Here’s a quick picture post of some of my stuff, well I should say OUR … Continue reading

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