The Book Haul



I finally decided to do a book haul!!! Now I know many established bloggers are able to some how do this monthly, and also many have worked really hard and established relationships with different publishers to promote new releases, more power to em!! 🙂

Till the time comes where I can spend more money on books, or publishers love me enough to send me some books to review, I can’t do monthly book hauls. SO here’s one of some of the books I have gotten the past few months. Some I have read, and others are more recent that I have not gotten to. Each will eventually get a review on the blog, well if I feel it is fitting to do so.

Let’s begin Book Nerds!!


Thief’s Magic by Trudi Canavan 

I have fallen in love with Trudi’s books since I decided to read her Black Magician series. When I saw this one at the book store, I couldn’t keep my sticky little paws off of it. This is the first book in the Millenium’s Rule series, and I am looking forward to dive into it. If you’re into magical and fantasy books, I highly recommend Trudi’s novels.


Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

This is one of those series that everyone seems to talk about and love. It has been on my radar for a long time, and I never ended up picking it up till now. With a story about a female assassin, how have I not read this yet?! Well that will change soon.


Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light by Neil Lochery

Bought this off book depository for some research purposes. I am from Portugal originally after all, and I am really interested in history. This is about Lisbon, and the role Portugal played during World War II. Portugal (a neutral country) played an interesting part during that time.


The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

I had to get this one!! It is a unique and interesting take on a popular topic in fiction. I never want to spoil any potential book buys…so I would certainly check this one out if I were you!!


I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

This book has been picked up at a book store more than once and then put back down, I finally decided to get it. Many people I follow on Good Reads gave this five stars and that alone caught my attention. There are a couple of people who’s opinions I really share on many books and when they like a book, I like to check it out.


The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

I LOVED THIS BOOK. I will write a review for it soon, I promise!! The second book of the series is being released very very soon, and I am extremely excited to see what happens next. It’s been a while since a book grabbed me the way this one did.



I hope you can see the rest of the titles and authors clearly. If not ask me what book it is, and I can tell you. I figured if I kept writing about each one, even just a little blurb, this blog post would be extremely long.

Reviews will come sprinkling through as I finish reading them all. The ones which I have read already will get reviews in the coming weeks.

Have you read any of these?? What did you think??

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6 Responses to The Book Haul

  1. I just read Throne of Glass & it was just as great as everyone says. Lots of these are in my TBR pile, too – can’t wait to see what you think of them!


    • It took me a while to buy throne of glass because there have been a few quite popular books which completely disappointed me, so I’m hoping this isn’t the case with this book. I will write a few reviews soon. Just finished one called Magonia and I highly recommend it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve seen that one floating about – it definitely looks interesting! I’ve suffered from over-hyped book syndrome a lot this year, but Throne of Glass did not disappoint. Actually, it did, just the tiniest little bit. But Crown of Midnight most certainly did not 🙂


  2. bevchen says:

    The only one of these I’ve read is The Girl With All the Gifts. Really liked that one. Such an interesting take on a common theme.


  3. I was glad to hear you loved Queen of the Tearling as it is on my to-read pile and getting closer and closer to the top…

    I like getting book haul posts every few months, sometimes the very frequent ones are a bit too overwhelming.


    • Queen of the Tearling has a similar plot to a lot of YA fantasy out there but I really loved the way it’s written and the second one comes out next week if I’m not mistaken.

      I think I will do a book haul maybe every three months depending on what I have a chance to buy. I don’t know how most people do it with their 30 books every month haha


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