Who Says I Am Old?


Okay first I realize I have not been updating this like I should, but I have been busy, so I cannot apologize for that. I have been trying to focus a lot on my school work so I needed to put the blog on the back burner for a while.

Here I am though, and it’s going to be another thing I feel is important to say, so here it goes.

Recently I turned 29. I feel great about that, because well I know a few people who weren’t lucky enough to reach this age, and well I think it is good to be alive. Don’t you?

Sadly though I know a lot of people who bitch and moan about being so old. They constantly whine that we are getting older and it sucks. Well sweetie we are not Benjamin Button so yes, we gradually grow older but that doesn’t make life any less exciting.

I always see these lists people post online:

“30 things you need to stop doing when you’re 30”

“20 things to stop doing in your 20s”

The things in these lists fall under two categories:

The “no shit sherlock” category and the “Don’t fucking tell me how to live my life” category.

Every single one of these lists always mentions something about getting rid of toxic people from your life. UH NO SHIT. This should be taught in kindergarten.  That kid that ate your purple crayon?! Fuck em!! They will eat them all and shit out a rainbow if you let them! ALWAYS remove shitty people from your life, this is a given.

These lists are out to make you feel uncomfortable and hate getting older, when really the beauty about getting older is that no one can say shit to you about your choices. Though they will believe they can, you can tune them out, smile and nod and do whatever the hell you want. It’s none of their business if you want Legos and want to read harry potter. It’s none of my business if people want to take life so seriously that they forget to enjoy life and have fun.


I have zero guilty pleasures. I am 29 and I play video games when I can. I wear super hero shirts and pajamas. I get excited about geeky shit and I am proud of that. You know why? I work and study way too hard to have some random assholes make me feel bad about the things that bring me joy no matter how old I am.

Don’t let a list, a friend, a family member, or the media tell you what you should be doing at what age. I mean obviously pay your bills and don’t be reckless with your life, but everything else? Come on!! have fun!!

Being an adult doesn’t mean your life is over. If you are breathing then you are alive and you need to enjoy that because not everyone gets that chance.


I will be updating more often now. Planning out some really cool posts for this place soon. Promise. Stay tuned!!! 😀


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