Wonder Woman Wednesday – An Important Message

Lately it seems that I keep having to explain feminism to men.

More so because they LOOOOOVE to talk about “NOT ALL MEN”

Excuse me for a minute here…



Here’s a slightly different post on this Wonder Woman Wednesday, because I want to empower all of you ladies to stand up for yourselves in these situations.

Here’s what plenty of men do not realize, or if they do they shrug it off like it’s no big deal.

As a female, when we reach a certain point in our lives we begin to look like a piece of meat to the opposite sex. I can remember that I was about 13 walking home from the bus stop, when I dealt with the first creepy perv honking his horn and yelling some kind of obscene bullshit at A CHILD. It only becomes more frequent over time.

I can tell you plenty of stories but some are quite personal. Also we would be here a while.

As children we are told by many people that throwing like a girl, punching like a girl, doing anything like a girl is the supposed to be an insult. These are the small things a woman will deal with throughout her life, small but not meaningless.

Let’s not forget the shitty rape culture that society has built. A girl gets raped and the questions and crap come spewing out of peoples mouths “well what did she do?” “what was she wearing?” “She probably asked for it” NO NO NO, we are not talking about the right things here. Why aren’t we more concerned with the way young boys are being brought up and taught not to respect women? Why aren’t we talking about the REAL issues at hand instead of placing the blame on the victims.

You know these are things that are constantly brought up over and over again, and it is because nothing has changed really. We keep having to force the same issues because no one is listening properly.

Now people like to say that women living in the first world societies really should look at the way women are treated in third world countries and realize, we don’t have it that bad. OF COURSE we don’t have that bad. My heart tears into pieces anytime I read about the things some women must endure in other countries. But the reason it is so important for us to constantly fight for equal rights and TRUE equal rights, is so we can fight for those women whose voices are even more silenced than our own.


STOP ARGUING about women’s rights, and start arguing FOR them.


Sir it is NOT about you. You can walk down a street and not really have the constant need to look behind you, or be aware of your surroundings like we do. If you turn down a woman at a bar, you are not going to get harassed. Meanwhile, when I have turned a man down at a bar I get called a bitch and most likely he is already piss drunk and he will tell me how big his dick is like that’s going to change my mind.

Perfect example for plenty of the men I know and am friends with:

I have been lucky enough to go to a lot of concerts where I have a backstage pass because a friend is working or in the past because my boyfriend was working with the band at the shows, and do you want to know how many times I have been asked “Hey sweetheart, what did you do to get that pass?” or the lovely “who’s dick did you suck?”

have you ever been asked that as a man? DOUBTFUL.

Not all men are pieces of shit. I know some really kind and respectful men, but feminism is NOT about YOU.

Ladies, Don’t let a man ever disrespect you. ALWAYS be a wonder woman!!! Be your own hero.

Another jumbled entry is over, but this IS important.

Lots of Love.


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One Response to Wonder Woman Wednesday – An Important Message

  1. Here here.

    Just discovered your blog via your comment on Oh My God My Wife Is German and was happy to find another music-loving geek on the web. Yey.


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