Metal Monday – Moonspell


Metal Geek here, and my sincerest apologies for not having posted in the past week, but I had some hardcore studying to do and a job to go to as well, and well I suck at time management at the moment. Whoops.

And today is a METAL MONDAY!!!

Following one hell of a Metal Sunday, Let me explain…

As you are now well aware, I LOVE the band Moonspell.

Sincerely and whole heartedly, they have grown into my soul, and have taken root there for all time. Their new album is out now, it is called Extinct and it has become my new favorite Moonspell album. I think they did an amazing job on this record, and I feel they deserve a world of recognition and high fives if possible. I am listening to it currently as I write. (High fives band from afar) I am well aware that my ways of reviewing may seem unconventional at best, but I am not a critic, I am a lover of music and many other things, and I share my thoughts on what it means to me, and I will hope that it sparks some interest in you, and you go out and listen to it yourself.

Let’s continue here, My love for Moonspell actually began back when I was in my early teens. I lived in the USA, and though I was born in Portugal, I did not have many Portuguese friends. So I made them, online. I had this dear friend of mine named Fabio who mentioned Moonspell as I was slowly getting into all things Metal at the time. I checked them out, and in typical Joana fashion, became instantly obsessed. Here’s a talented band out of my little home country, I felt this pride along with the growing love for the music.

As I got older, I was finally able to go to first Moonspell show in NYC. It was in 2006 I want to say, and it was an experience. I met Fernando Ribeiro for the first time there. He was in the crowd and I walked up to him, as he turned my mind went blank and I didn’t know what language to speak. I actually think I just made a camera motion with my hand. I was extremely timid and shy at this point in my life, don’t judge me. Jo_fernando2

So after this first show, I saw them again in NYC. I have seen them in Philadelphia as well, and at one performance I want to say in 2008or 2009, they held a signing at a small record shop in Philly and I remember this very clearly because well of course I was still a timid and anxious mess. DUH. Anyway I was waiting outside of the shop and they’re all strolling along the street coming towards us, and I felt this wave of “Oh shit, stay calm, deep breaths Joana, wtf is wrong with you, they’re just people!!!” Yes of course they’re just people, but they’re the people responsible for some of the music that kept me stable through some rough shit. I know some people don’t understand getting nervous about meeting someone, but if you don’t have a passion for music and art, then you won’t understand. Plus, I didn’t yell OMG OMG OMG and start crying in front of them. It was just something I knew would always be with me. I had Fernando sign his poetry books, and he was extremely grateful that I actually owned them. This was around the time of Memorial so I still have that signed copy hanging out on my shelf.

Let’s fast forward to 2013, I went to SummerBreeze and was able to be on the side of the stage for their Performance. This was a cool moment, at this point I had met them a couple of times spread out through the years. I had also interacted with a couple of them online and I can appreciate people who truly try to interact with their fans. They did a killer performance at Summerbreeze, and after I was about to walk off the stage because it gets chaotic up there during change overs and I did not want to get in the way, but then I hear Fernando say “Joana” and it took me a moment to process that he was talking to me. I went up to him and gave him a hug, and greeted Mike and the others as well of course. Spoke for a bit. It was a special moment because he remembered the geeky timid girl who he’s maybe met a handful of times. For me, a person who fights panic attacks and anxiety it was a very peaceful moment. I can’t explain to you why, and you wouldn’t understand anyway. (Or maybe you do without me even explaining)

Now Yesterday, I went to see them live in Heidelberg. It was such a great show. I started off being in the back for the show and then just moved closer and closer to the front. Towards the end I was singing along and just thoroughly enjoying my night. Thanks to my lovely BF, who bought the tickets, and who also enjoyed the show. Those new songs are killer live!!! I loved every second of the show. I felt that same sense of pride when I was a teen and first learned about Moonspell. My heart and soul filled with an extreme amount of joy.

I don’t think they will read this, but if they ever come across this, they should know, your music has helped me, and has touched my heart and soul in ways that I could never say thank you enough.

Keep rocking. For as long as you possibly can, and know your music will never become extinct.

With love and respect.

Metal and the Geek


“You bring me down and I resurrect, In this world or the next” 

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