Wonder Woman Wednesday – Anna


Wonder Woman Wednesday is upon us, and I am continuing the theme with one of my best friends Anna.

We met when we worked at a bookstore together, back at the end of 2005. The bookstore shall remain nameless, as we used to play “hockey” with the gift wrap tubes and rolled up pieces of paper. I think some of my most hilarious memories were from that time. Our friendship grew from those moments.

Something that has always made me admire Anna is that when she sets her mind to a certain task or goal, she won’t stop until she achieves that goal. I have seen her go to art school, and work extremely hard at getting internships and experience. She built up such a resume that any time she is nervous about applying for anything I just shrug and say “you got this” because in the end, it is true. She has proven herself over and over again. So many people I know just waste their time making excuses for themselves, Anna is not one of those people.

Putting her hard work aside for a second, she is also an incredible friend. If you fuck up, she will tell you. She will be honest with you at all times whether you like it or not, and to me, that is what a real friend is. Someone who’s always honest with you. She is hilarious and she may try to deny it, but she’s extremely caring and loving. If you are her friend, then she has your back, and she will push you and support you until you also reach the goals you have set for yourself.

I am grateful for my friendship with Anna because ever since I moved to Germany, she has been the only friend from the states that has visited me. Not once, not twice, but THREE times. We have had such a blast together on so many occasions, and she messages me and we chat on a daily basis. She isn’t aware of this, but she’s one of the reasons I never ever feel lonely or friendless here. She is one of the reasons that when I was getting rejected by companies for jobs that I didn’t give up.

I think if I were to give a gift to another female in the world, it would be a friend like her.

She is artistic, she’s funny, and she is a badass. I love her dearly.

Please check out her site here: http://annamossillustrations.com

Remember, every wednesday is Wonder Woman Wednesday, and you should be supporting and empowering the women in your life (not just on wednesdays but every day!!!)


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