Wonder Woman Wednesday – My Mom


I think it would be nice to change the cycle here, and for once have more women supporting women. It sometimes feels like it is not just a good portion of the world trying to keep women down, but women like to tear other women to pieces. I want to change that. I think we should all be empowering each other, which is why I have decided to start Wonder Woman Wednesday. Whether some other people have done this and named it the same I do not know, but I thought this would be a good name for what I want to do with this weekly theme.

I cannot talk about empowering women without talking about my mother. She has carried our family through some really tough and rough moments. She will put you in your place if you are being disrespectful whether you like it or not. You want honesty? She will give it to you.

SHE is the one who taught me to fight for the things I want out of life. She has worked extremely hard for years. When I hear mothers complain over here about how stressful their lives are with just raising a child and being a stay at home mom, I kind of laugh a bit to myself. Not that I do not believe them, I see it, it IS a hard job to be a mother. BUT my mom worked full time, she made sure my lunch was packed as a kid, she made sure there was soup or bread and cold cuts for when me and my older brother came home from school. She would come home and cook a hot meal for us all for dinner every evening. She raised her children and worked extremely hard every single day.

As I grew into my teenaged years we bumped heads A LOT. It wasn’t a lack of love, of course not, but it was just a natural occurrence. She didn’t understand my ever growing love for band shirts and bright red hair, and I just wanted to be left alone.

Now that I am older, and I am so far away, I have a new found respect for my mom. She STILL works hard. She STILL makes hot meals every evening. If you want an example of the strongest woman I know, she is THAT WOMAN. We may still bump heads at times, but I have become aware that it is because we are a lot alike. I love her with my entire heart and soul, and I believe she deserves the world.

She fights for the ones she loves, and I feel sorry for you if you ever get on her bad side. 🙂

A strong woman, holds her head high, and fights through the obstacles that life throws at her. My mom is a strong woman.


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