Metal Monday – Enjoyment & Excitement



I have decided that this will be a different kind of post every Monday. Some will be stories (from me, and from others) and some will be reviews, or some will just be random things I am enjoying or looking forward to at the moment. So here it goes…


 Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror


This is Blind Guardian’s new album, and like all of their albums, if you truly listen to it, it sends you on an incredible journey. Recently I have been organizing my thoughts and ideas for a book I am writing, and this has been played a few times as I write. Why? Because if I close my eyes for just a second while listening to it, I am completely transported to another world. They are the TARDIS for my Imagination. I HIGHLY recommend them, even if you’re not usually a “metal fan”. They basically bring to life all the fantasy novels in your mind, through music. CHECK IT OUT!!!


Moonspell – Extinct


Okay here is an album I am extremely excited to hear. Moonspell’s Extinct. I have been a big fan of theirs since I was 15/16 and my appreciation and love for their music has grown through the years. Yea I carry a small torch in my heart because they are Portuguese, and they have been able to break out of the small borders of their land, which not many Portuguese artists seem to do. But I also thoroughly enjoy their music. They have given the fans two songs so far from this album, and the sound seems a bit of a different route from the usual Moonspell venture, but I actually love it.  Release date in Europe I believe is March 6th. I hope to see them live on March 15th as well. Happy early Birthday to me!!

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