Five Fandom Friday!!


I wasn’t actually going to take part this week because I honestly don’t care for Valentine’s Day and any theme that revolves around it BUT then I realized I actually had 5 favorite fictional couples…so here are my 5!!


1. Aragorn and Arwen!! I love Lord of the Rings, and when I was a teen and I watched the movies, I actually really LOVED Aragorn. Maybe Obsessed is even the better word for it. So I love these two. 


2. Carl and Ellie from UP!…Do I really need to explain?Their love is TRUE. 


3. Jack and Sally.This is another one that I had to add because I love this movie so much. These are iconic and memorable characters.


4. Wall-e and EVE. They didn’t even need dialogue and it was romantic and sweet! 


5. Harry and Ginny. Last but not least, are these two. It took them a while to come together, and even when they finally did, Ginny knew Harry had something important to get done. More important even than their relationship, and she didn’t cry…and she didn’t freak out (like Bella from Twilight…UGH) She was strong, and she was supportive. That is why I love them. 

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3 Responses to Five Fandom Friday!!

  1. Jenn McClure says:

    I pretty much love your whole list! Haha!!!! Carl + Ellie from UP! and Wall-E + Eve are just so adorable!!!! And I like Arwen and Aragorn… which just told me that I also forgot Tauriel + Keelie from the Hobbit. I love how in love Keelie was and how Tauriel didn’t really realize it until the end. I like them because Keelie didn’t care what species they were (for lack of a better phrase) and that is kind of important! Haha.


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