Anime, Where should I begin?


The only anime I have ever watched was Deathnote. A friend of mine was really into it, and I decided to check it out for myself.

I enjoyed it enough, but I never really jumped into watching more, and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, It was just that there were so many to choose from that it was quite overwhelming to make a choice.

So this is a call to all geeks that would be willing to help me find something that has possibly an element of humor. What are some of your favorites?

Let’s go!!

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20 Responses to Anime, Where should I begin?

  1. zeanime says:

    I personally loved Neon Genesis Evangelion, though it does have some problems with a complex non-hand holding story and terrible ending, but if you are looking for something similar to Death Note I’d recommend Code Geass. If you want something fun then I’d say the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (For the most part) or Trigun. Though if you just want silly over the top action I’d suggest Kill La Kill or Gurren Lagann.

    I’ve done some reviews on my own blog so if you want you can have a browse 🙂


  2. Zankyou no terror is kind of in the lines of Death Note (which is one of my favourites, by the way). Kamisama Hajimemashita is MORE THAN ADORABLE, has great characters, comedy, drama, love story etc. Oak shoji to euro fuji has a nice closure and is fun and sometimes makes us cry, but the happy edging is ❤

    Sad sad sad is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, though it has a Disney-like happy ending after everything goes so wrong as is, imo, the best anime out there :3

    If you want to add me on twitter/facebook, I am totes addicted to anime (and other geek stuff for that matter) –


    FB Ana Kitsune Ninko




    • Thank you for the great info. So many people are trying to help me find the next Anime series I will watch, I feel like I should end up doing a big reveal and then a review. 😀 I will follow you on twitter. 🙂


  3. tickledtk says:

    Do you have netflix? If so, Fullmetal Alchemist should definitely be next on your list. I thought Fate/Stay Night was pretty good too, and it’s short. If you like light-hearted comedy, Ouran High School Host Club is good.

    It really depends on what your into, though. Ghost in a Shell is one of my favorites, but I feel likes it takes a lot of concentration to follow.


    • I think I will have to check a couple of episodes of some of the suggestions people are making before diving in head first into just one. I am not really sure what will capture my attention because I was never totally into anime, but I have become more and more curious through the years.

      Thank you for the suggestions…:D


  4. It’s been a while since I regularly watched Anime, but there are a few things I remember.

    For Humor and a deeper story I would recommend Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (there is a version without Brotherhood, but it differs greatly from the Manga/actual storyline).

    The usual suggestions from starting with Anime would probably be the classic like Dragonball (Z) or the big ones like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, but neither of them displays the grade of seriousness Deathnote does (and they are all littered with Fillers…).

    Other than that can I also think of Elfenlied, that is quite bloody (even bloodier than the Manga it derives from) and D.Gray-Man, though that is unfortunately cancelled/on long term break, but still a great story.
    Also great stories, but partly differing from source and incomplete are Blue/Ao no Excorcist and Nurarihyon No Mago.


  5. thedomesticgeek says:

    You need to watch Dragon Ball, I personally love the original Dragon Ball because it doesn’t take as long for them to get the bad guys, also their all kids so it’s hilarious. Then you have to watch Dragon Ball Z (which can be agonizing because a planet that is blowing up in 2 minutes will actually take an entire season, that’s how slow time moves in that series), then Dragon Ball GT is basically back to the Dragon Ball roots and I love that.

    Seriously though Dragon Ball is kind of a life changing anime, and you don’t have to be THAT into anime to love it.


    • a long time ago (and don’t hurt me here) I tried to get into Dragon Ball, and couldn’t. It just didn’t grab me. BUT it is not to say that I won’t give it another try. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!!


  6. My first piece of advice -don’t give up or get disheartened. Anime is a very wide genre and has many different flavors. Just keep trying different ones until you find a style / theme / genre you like. I can tell you now, my list of anime no’s is larger than my list of yes’s. I always give a series a 2-4 episode chance -if I don’t care for them by that time, I move on to another 🙂
    I personally can’t stand the “classics” like Dragonball, Naruto, etc. -Just not for me, but that’s okay.
    For more light-hearted options I would recommend Fairy Tail or Rosario + Vampire.
    Other options I would recommend include Fate (Stay Night, Zero), Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan.
    Happy searching!


    • This is possibly the best advice I have gotten because for an outsider, the world of anime looks a bit intimidating. SO many options, and genres, and everyone obviously has their favorites.

      Thank you for the suggestions! I am totally making a list of what people are suggesting, Will probably watch a couple of episodes of a few and make a blog post about my experience and opinion. 🙂


  7. Hi! I haven’t watched much anime either, and there’s SO much out there I just don’t know where to start myself! However, I really enjoyed Gurren Lagann, which is a big ol’ mecha anime, sort of, but there’s so much to it that I fell in love. For lovely calm slice of life, I also loved Azumanga Diaoh 🙂 I think I’d prefer slice-of-life Anime over the big dramatic stuff, but Fullmetal Alchemist, which has also been suggested here, is one I’ve been meaning to check out for ages too. Good luck!


  8. As others previously have suggested, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a good one. It’s got some fantasy elements, but isn’t so out there that you can’t get into it.


  9. Jamie says:

    I was a beginner last year too and my first anime was also Death Note; starters for me were Psycho-Pass and Fate/Zero. I’m in the middle of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and it’s amazing; has some great humor yet great character development. 🙂


  10. Jenn McClure says:

    I haven’t watched a lot of Anime, I generally read more Manga then anything. I thought InuYasha was alright, but it also got kind of annoying. I loved yu Yu Hakusho when I was younger, I like Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Dragonball Z, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Fruits Basket, anddddddd…. I’m running out of Anime I have watched. Vampire Hunter D! was the first movie I watched and it was kind of dark. Let me know what you find, I am always looking for new things to watch!

    Love, Jenn


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