5 Fandom Friday, Fandom

Five Fandom Friday!


I decided to take part in the 5 Fandom Friday that was started by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick . My first try at this will be about something I LOVE and could possibly go completely broke buying, which is the Funko Pop Figures. THERE ARE SO MANY!!!

Favorite Funko Pop Figures 

1. My favorite right now is one I don’t even own.


2. Second one is unfortunately one I do not own either..DO NOT JUDGE ME.


3. My Batgirl is one of my faves!! I know taking it out of the box is a giant geeky NO NO but I love it too much to keep it hidden under plastic.


4. I found this at Barnes and Noble when I visited my family for Christmas, and almost freaked out…Mr.Jon Snow…in TINY keychain form!!


5. Even though he is at number 5, he is actually my favorite of all time.”YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!”



18 thoughts on “Five Fandom Friday!”

  1. I LOVE Gandalf I can’t believe I don’t have him already and teeny Jon Snow I didn’t know those were even a thing and I need it in my life haha I have no restraint when it comes to GoT Funkos! xoxo


  2. I really want the Groot and Arya ones myself! I took Batman one out of the box so you can see it better! I don’t really care if it is a geeky no no. lol

    Gandolf looks AWESOME!




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