Random Book Club


The way the random book club will work, is that I will post a picture of a book I am currently reading, or even something I have read in the past, and you can then read it as well, and come back and comment.


This month, something caught my eye on Instagram and it was something along the lines of a Muggle read along Hashtag. So if you have read the Harry Potter books then you know how wonderful these stories are, and maybe you would like to join in on the fun and reread the books. For all of you muggles that have never stepped foot into the HP world, I invite you to join us and start your Hogwarts journey!! I have read it in English and Portuguese and will one day work on the German version. There is no better introduction to the random book club than to tell people to read Harry Potter!!

Go on, start reading Harry Potter…I DARE YOU!!

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2 Responses to Random Book Club

  1. Such a pity I just read the first book during Christmas holidays and am currently exploring Westeros and other regions…

    Why haven’t you tried the German version yet? From the tales you told on your old Blog, I would have thought you’d have already read it. I do believe you’d be surprised how much you understand.


    • I have read it in bits and pieces 😀 but like I do with shows and movies, If a movie or a show is originally in English, I refuse to watch it in German, mainly because I truly believe there are many things lost in translation.

      I will watch documentaries in German and German shows and movies, but not anything originally in English.

      Same goes with books. I have some smaller books in German that I have read, but for someone who’s only been here for two years, reading an entire novel in German is a giant leap forward, that I am not ready for.


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